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Heads-up to my fellow : I have a solo project called Carcinizer!

You can check out my debut song "The Day It Came from the Sky" on YouTube:

Enjoy! 🤘🦀🤘

🎶 "You will never ever ever ever get to me in here."

An old piece I still love, drawn to Nine Inch Nails' "Echoplex".

Finished reference sheet for my fursona Sciasm!

(Sorry for re-upload; spotted some minor errors and couldn't help but fix them.)

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A house by the sea at Beesands in South Devon. Gouache and watercolour.

Gotta get that cheese!

An old piece from 2012 I still dig. I was experimenting with comic-like shading.

Small compilation of my character Gith, a demon from a twisted parallel dimension whose soul is linked with Cibex'. He started out as a Spanish class doodle in 2004 and I still love him dearly.

(Marked as sensitive for eye contact.)

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Who likes octopuseseseses? I love octoporsess! ococtopurpes?

Here's an erktappurse I drew on , and some sketchy stops I made on the road to Octopusville.

A funky space gorilla I drew for @ephemeromorph a couple of years ago and still think it looks hilarious. (Marked as sensitive for shiny gorilla butt. 😄)

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Old vent art I still love, drawn to the beautifully snarky song "Two Shots" by Cross My Heart Hope to Die.

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Aktualisierung von „#DreiDinge – ein Improspiel auf Mastodon“

Es gibt nun die öffentliche Mindmap (, in der ihr alle Beiträge in ihrer chronologischen Reihenfolge lesen könnt! Das beinhaltet automatisch auch Erzählstränge, die sich ergeben haben. Viel Spaß! #pnpde #impro

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Neuer Blogbeitrag: „#ImproErweiterung: ein weiteres Improspiel auf Mastodon“

Wie am Ende des Artikels „#DreiDinge – ein Improspiel auf Mastodon“ angedeutet, habe ich ein weiteres Improspiel gestartet. Ich dokumentiere den Verlauf des Spiels hier. Orks, der Drache Rotzibald; zu schleudernde Halblinge, die das witzig finden; ein Baumriese und ein Dimensionsspalt – wo das nur enden soll! #pnpde #PnPImpro

Late to the party, but here's my contribution to the mushroom house art jam from two weeks ago! 😄

A little bit of pixel art practice with a 4-bit pallette. They're not perfect, but I like how they turned out. Which one is your favorite?

🎶 "Where, where, where are you now?"

An old piece I still love, drawn to "Six Feet Under" by Deap Vally.

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Finished this drawing! Yuka isn’t very big, which is useful for him when he sneaks into houses at night looking for candy and other sweet treats. He was originally a Starry Draik on Neopets.

(Disclaimer: This isn't about maintaining a certain follower count; it's just that when someone follows me here and vice versa, I expect genuine interest and conversation and not to be merely treated as an audience or potential customer.)

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Yo I don't appreciate being followed to get my follow-back and then immediately unfollowed. This isn't Birdsite or Instagram; in this place we don't shit where we eat.

Apparently some people are considering going back to Birdsite? Nah man. The Exodus may have flushed me here, but I didn't leave because of Elon Musk, and I'm not going back because of him either. 🤷🏻‍♀️ It genuinely doesn't make a difference to me whether a popular website is owned by a huge corporation or a billionaire. I guess I just needed a reason to leave that toxic dumpster fire behind. I like it here.

A still of a little visualization animation I did for the song "Lazershowbiz" by Bandstahl last year.

If you like the sound of the 80s and would like to see the little car in motion, check out his beautiful track:

Update: I think I'll go with Sciasm for now (the name of my 'sona) and see how it feels in the long run. :artpeek:

TL;DR for all who missed this thread:

Cibex ➡️ Sciasm

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