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It's Finished!! The Doctor Who/Stranger Things Mashup Intro is done!
I'm really happy with how this has come out, and I hope you all enjoy 😀

GNOME-Shell seems to spike up when animations are used (which I don't understand because that should be using the GPU) but that still doesn't explain the consistent spikes.

I don't understand what is causing this, buts it's brief enough that I can't spot it in the task list.

I've locked up Audacity by holding down the spacebar.


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@benrob0329 I set a reasonable timer (short, but not too short - usually a half hour) and block out everything else except the project.

If I don't get anything done, that's fine, but it usually works for me - makes me sit and focus on thinking about the project at the very least, maybe doing some research or scribbling/doodling some related ideas.

"The best way to start is to do."

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Not sure what to tag this so please share or repost!

Thylacine Studios is hiring a UI artist for their 2D pixel RPG, The Negative. Payment is on a per-asset basis.

What do you do when you want to work on something, but you don't feel motivated to actual work on any of the ideas you have?

Dangit, Minetest Modding is making me want to use Lua for more general purpose stuff.

The way of the moon is calling...

Maybe part of this is because I was raised with a "If you don't have something you want, go get it yourself" type of mentality, and the same applies in the free software community.

"If a feature you want doesn't exist, make a PR for it". While this is fine and dandy, and seems to be working so far, it'll never happen because this one thing is simply not a priority over the other 30,000 things I want to make in the next 5 minutes.

I think half my problem is that I see something I want to exist, and then I feel like I must create it because nobody else is; not actually taking into account whether or not I want to be the one to create it.

Oh yes, I would love it if this application existed, but I would also love it if these 3 other applications existed too..and this game, and those products, and this service..

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I've finally started confirming people for my Newbieville #DnD game. Gonna start this Sunday!

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@benrob0329 gonna design a linux distro that has no real purpose other than to dump my entire browser history into your bookmarks toolbar

My suspicion is that it's one of the BTRFS services

I've set up OpenSUSE With GNOME on my laptop, and something is killing my battery life.

GNOME-Shell is one of the lightest processes running, but whatever is pushing 60% CPU apparently only does it once in a while because it doesn't show up in the system monitor.

Now even joking, there are times I look out the window and for just a split second I think, "Wow, the graphics looks really good!" before reality smacks me right in the face.

Why does every linux distro have to add things to my bookmarks toolbar?

Every, Single, One.

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wow um
i am having lots of fun with aesprite
its my kenku druid boi, Penscratch
he's got a lil friend with him :>
#DandD #kenku #druid #pixelart #oc

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SCRIPT-8, by Gabriel Florit, is a #JavaScript fantasy console. Make pixel-art games with a #livecoding browser editor. Featuring 128x128px resolution!

#PixelArt #Browser

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The one thing I hate about audio editing is the fact that you can't listen to music during the process :P

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Hello, friends ✨ I'm making ▮Aftertile▮, an action-adventure about a ghost who helps other ghosts
in our patreon you can help the project, get exclusive wips, sketches and even become a character in the game
#pixelart #gamedev #ドット絵 #mastoart

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Three young dragons, no larger than geese, rolled, wrestled and blew little bursts of steam at each other under the watchful eye of a royal knight.

Curled around one of the knight's ankles was the runt of the litter, quietly hoarding square pebbles in a neat little pile, stubby wings folded neatly on its back. It was very proud of its first hoard.

In the nearby courtyard, the Queen and the Great Dragon sipped tea and discussed philosophy.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

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