i put together a ton of one-image beginner-friendly drawing tutorials that folks here might find helpful, including this one! megathread below 👇

paint better materials (in this case, wood boards) by making sure your forms read clearly and the texture doesn't get too busy!

even well-rendered materials can use a boost to be more eye-catching. entirely painted with the hard round default brush in PS.

ambient occlusion is a soft, subtle shadow in the nooks and crannies of where forms come together. cast shadows clarify how objects are related spatially.

@beccahallstedt The thing with the darkest value of the brighter side not being darker than the lightest value of the darker side is a super tip to have in mind! Thanks for sharing.

@beccahallstedt These tutorials you're posting are really helpful -- thank you!

@beccahallstedt Wow, these texture tips are amazing! :)
I can draw shapes pretty well but fail at any texturing stuff pretty badly. XD I'try those out!

@beccahallstedt These are amazing luscious superbomb hallelujah awesome, thank you for posting! If you do anything (else?) on background/scene drawing, would you tag it with ? Me and some others are trying to incorporate more environments into our art and that's the tag we're using.

@beccahallstedt hurgh the last point is something I have to keep pushing other people about

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