hi! i'm a concept/vis dev artist in the games industry. lover of creature and weapon design. resume includes WoW, dauntless, injustice 2, and others. nice to meet you. πŸ‘‹

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@beccahallstedt asfalkfjsldgkjs;jsgla these drawings are sO GOOD !! ! WOW!! I love your creatures, they have such great anatomy and really good movement conveyed :D Lovely colours too, warm and natural but also dynamic

@ain thank you so much πŸ’– i have so many WIPs too, i hope i can get around to finishing one soon!

@beccahallstedt yooo welcome here! thank you for posting those great tutorials :D

@beccahallstedt Hi there! I hope this isn't too forward, but I noticed you have some art tagged for D&D. I'm producing my own fantasy setting that's under the MIT License. I was wondering if you had creature designs that you've released under a License that means I could use them (with attribution of course), because these two critters here look like they'd fit right in with critters like the badgerdillo and garlic boar.

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