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i put together a ton of one-image beginner-friendly drawing tutorials that folks here might find helpful, including this one! megathread below πŸ‘‡

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hi! i'm a concept/vis dev artist in the games industry. lover of creature and weapon design. resume includes WoW, dauntless, injustice 2, and others. nice to meet you. πŸ‘‹

finished this up today :) "A wild nightmare that was frequently sighted burning open fields, eventually put down by the knights of Perthos in order to save the fragile crops of rural villages. Nothing is as frightening as beasts that so purely delight in destruction."

3 of ! Started blocking in his suit and adding polypaint for masking/polygroup selection. Hoping to get most of the suit finished today so I can start retopo soon.

my other current WIP around my freelance work. its definitely difficult to juggle both all the time but i gotta keep dat portfolio fresh af. homebrew gargantuan undersea monster~ 🐟

an actual current wip! been really wanting to design a homebrew direwolf mount for 5e and try to add some actual backgrounds to creatures XD

please lend all your strength to the vice union, which was in neogtiations all day yesterday until 6:30 PM, and today has been going since 10AM and will likely go until it is tomorrow

painting blood tut. blood smear and drip on white bg. light gore. 

how to paint believable blood, which can be applied to a variety of specular liquids!

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