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i put together a ton of one-image beginner-friendly drawing tutorials that folks here might find helpful, including this one! megathread below πŸ‘‡

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hi! i'm a concept/vis dev artist in the games industry. lover of creature and weapon design. resume includes WoW, dauntless, injustice 2, and others. nice to meet you. πŸ‘‹

hey who are your fav artists on mastodon?? i need to follow more people!

3 of ! Started blocking in his suit and adding polypaint for masking/polygroup selection. Hoping to get most of the suit finished today so I can start retopo soon.

my other current WIP around my freelance work. its definitely difficult to juggle both all the time but i gotta keep dat portfolio fresh af. homebrew gargantuan undersea monster~ 🐟

an actual current wip! been really wanting to design a homebrew direwolf mount for 5e and try to add some actual backgrounds to creatures XD

please lend all your strength to the vice union, which was in neogtiations all day yesterday until 6:30 PM, and today has been going since 10AM and will likely go until it is tomorrow

how intense should your contrast be and how sharp should the highlights be? it depends on your materials.

painting blood tut. blood smear and drip on white bg. light gore. Show more

ambient occlusion is a soft, subtle shadow in the nooks and crannies of where forms come together. cast shadows clarify how objects are related spatially.

Here are some cursed weapons i drew.

i bet these fuckers whisper shit to you when you wield them, about how your aim is off, or you gotta work on your swingin' arm.

#mastoart #weapons #fantasy

FYI for the new folks: hovering over an image you're about to upload gives you the option to do two really cool things:

β—½ Crop - lets you choose where the center of the image thumbnail is (no more unintentional crotch shots on full-body pics!)
β—½ Describe for the visually impaired - several mastodon users use screenreaders and describing your images really helps them out! @PleaseCaption is your friend πŸ‘

my current 5e character! the trickster cleric, ebony. they're definitely my fav character that i've ever RPed πŸ’ͺ

recent character design!
"Alanor Tathidlel: lead professor, master scryer, and headmaster of the sorcery department at the College. Strict, but well-intended. Even though students don't like him much, they acknowledge and respect that he's one of the best mentors at the school."

miscellaneous creature designs from when i was originally getting more comfortable with digital painting back in 2015!

process GIF for a portrait from a while ago of our favorite fire disaster lesbian πŸ”₯

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