Building and book binding a planner/bullet journal template for girlfriend in Scribus from scratch. Its nice that I can use Python to automatize certain parts, such as mapping day of week to date. After Scribus I use Bookbinder3 for imposition on A4 paper. And then i can sew the book together by hand. :)

Main challenge is: replacing text using setText() removes text frame justification. I think i can work around it by first calling insertText() and then deleting the old text afterwards (i dont know if the API allows this).


I really like the empty room on bottom 75% to take notes; while keeping an overview of the calendar on top.

Can you share a PDF, please ? :blobcatheart:

@davidrevoy sure! I have created a repository in Github with ready-to-print signature pdfs and the scribus file. Hope its useful!

@bastianilso un grand merci pour cette réalisation, super cadeau en perspective 🤩

Et merci @davidrevoy pour la découverte 😉

@bastianilso 🤔 every month begin on saturday and have 31 days ?

@gub good eye ;) the print in the picturw was a template tester, but the final calendar is generated to have correct dates all over. :)

@bastianilso you use "bookbinder" to order the pages for Print? 😬😬😬🤯

@Sibylle yes - bookbinder is a small program written in Java which can rearrange PDFs into book signatures so they are ready for print and bookbinding. Simple tool, but sufficient for my needs. :)

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