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Been quiet a day with lots of painting. About 30% of the kitchen cabinet is done now. :)

Painting and buiding furniture :)
Bought a picture frame in second hand which will become front to a homemade glass cabinet for the kitchen.

For the books I lasercut lots of tiny display stand out of scrap wood. They are excellent for all kinds of display.

The kitchen shelf system is a smaller sideproject. The real project is a book shelf which has been in the works on/off for a year now.. Finally getting to assemble it now :)

Working on a small shelf system with glass frame front for the kitchen. I dont want to spray the MDF, think I will resort to oil and play with inks and posca markers all over it. :)

My old air mattress could not keep air tight anymore. But maybe it can keep my tea warm? Will test tomorrow!

Creating a playing card set in four animal theme: water, tropical, air and cold. Currently in the initial stage of creating motives as black silhouettes. Later we'll paint backgrounds in warm and cold colors.

Currently crocheting a pouch for the charger. Its interesting since i need to make room for the plug and USB ports. And small too. Still havent decided whether its a travel pouch or if its possible to charge while the pouch is on (fire hazard? not sure..)

Sideproject - im painting a game of settlers from catan. Most item are finished, but need to paint the ocean and decide the player colors.

Building a bookshelf display with lasercut wood. Still long way to go, but skeleton is there now. :)

Annual planner, now with PU leather cover.
Next: adding pocket for the pen, and bookmarks.

The red yarn was a find from the local second hand store - its a fortunate coincidence that this yarn really look great in a book. I love when limiting my choices like that leads to amazing accent colors for my crafts.

I am using coptic stitch to sew it all together. I was lucky to find bee wax at the local vegetable market and have created a small homemade thread waxing box. Im sewing the book together with thin red yarn, waxed for durability and less entanglement in the process.

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