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And it's very nice to see a decent privacy disclaimer that really grabs attention, but to say something decent for once!

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The thousand year intergalactic tradition hits our dimension again at 3:03am CET tomorrow on

You are hereby summoned to contribute, listen (or both) to !!

Anyone can participate by sending original content in MP3 to:

Support and help maintaining their free ethical services empowering communities and resistance worldwide.

Take part of this year!!

A thousand year old tradition from the polar interwebs, that encompasses everything fun and acid music.

You can contribute anonymously, or send your your bestest links and pics and incredible story that'll make you look amazing on the acidweb, just as long as there is a piece of acompanying it, which you are ok with having freely distributed.

This is the 2015 edition:

Boost so others may join the creative acidity!

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Just discovered this:

Since Apple may soon block independent repairs and/or obsolete my MacBook Air I know where my next laptop is going to come from... 🤓

Are you familiar with tags like ID3? Have you ever wanted to release your tracks with minimum writing and maximum efficiency? Are you tired of databases, but know your HTML efficiently? Willing to go liquid for your publicity? Than you need to look into Publikator A.S.A.P.!

Unlicensed and free, made for your use responsibly.

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@basspistol Ok, ok, i can dig this. Clean beat, really nice flow even tho i don't understand anything.

Deutschlands turn. SSIO, funny guy, dope beats, i don't understand anything but the vibe is so there

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@basspistol Doesn't have to be EU, let's go full Europe.

Hailing from Bosnia, Slovenia, and Serbia - girl wonder

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@basspistol Gotta dissapoint you, i already know this because i follow Cookin' Soul closely :D Real shit, nevertheless. Ok, my turn. UK rapper on some broken beat stuff, it's amazing how he even follows

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Could it be that, according to the new directives, links to content are still ok, as long as they don't contain anything else from said material?

If so, could it be that the new EU directive are actually chocking copyright material to death, making it economically unsustainable? Could that mean that only Creative Commons licensed material will be reusable.......?

The filter-part is spooky AF though....

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Ratitude - ABI2SPEE

Plus bonus ramblings on Codes, idioms and how the Yungsters redefined the notion of a band.

Full review on:

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