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My liver isn't black market worthy

And my master degree from a street university

My ambitions are low and I am debt free

There is no room for a robots like me in this industry

Don't get me wrong I would also like to be

Installed and running and compatible with society

But I am running a different library

Because my kernel is still libre and free

by @tosettosetto @basspistol

Help us better understand the needs of independent musicians in 2020 by filling out or sharing the survey. Potential insight will be OSINT... Many fanx! 🦄

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Do I know what it does to democracy?
How come we have to be registered?
How can this promote any liberty?
If all we do in it is monitored?

Long awaited documentary "Hackitat" premieres June 28th 2020

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Today I released the first edition of Riot Medicine, a public domain book to help street medics in the struggle for liberation, autonomy, and dignity for all. You can download all 466 pages for free here:

@hakan_geijer Congrats on the release either way! Not sure why your handler didn't come through correctly. I don't know if the original post I had was from the same handler or what happened can't find it anymore... but it was all meant to be supportive of your work and all who might need it.

@hakan_geijer @cosine @basspistol
That's just how the app I use operated. Didn't mean to upset anyonez, just thought it was a goodmoment to re-share..

RT @hakan_geijer: Hey folx. I'm writing a free book called Riot Medicine to help teach people first aid for protests, riots, and insurrections. Ⓐ 🏴 ⚕️

Some volunteers have already completed illustrations, but there's still many more that are needed before this can be distributed. If you're able to help out (even with just a single illustration!) get in touch.

You can find out more at

Examples of content (including illustrations) are provided below.

Very happy to announce the Basspistol radio's been blessed with a tasty selection of R$kp bangers, some of which are never heard before!

Because it is impossible to predict when our sentient resident robotDJ will play them, meanwhile you should check the bandcamp out!

Kablaam! After a long break of silence, Basspistol Radio is back on-line! 777% uninterrupted music! RobotDJ-sets and live interventions! This is the sound of freedom!

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@Wolf480pl Here's the list:

Dev null!


Kernel panic!

GNU slash linux!




Gimping Heck!

Well Grep my aunt!

You silly sudo!

Holy shift key!

Apt purge yourself!

You unmet dependency!


Grep my binlog, ya piece of core dump!

Imma compress your tarballs until your head and tail switch, you sed FAT FSCK!

Corrupted Tarballs!




Urandom encryption!

RM dash RF forwardslash

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