@burek hehe, not sure if that came across as expected. Couldn't help thinking about you when i heard the song. (in case it didn't display in thread: youtube.com/watch?v=b-Wwsm4ptw )

@basspistol LOL i actually didn't see the song when you @ me haha

As for the song, it's okay, beat puts me off a bit for some reason, and lyrics are not bad. Simple rhyming scheme tho, but he does put message across.

@burek hear hear. Had a similar first feeling; especially the beat, because of the cranky snare coming a bit late each time. But after the 3rd play, it grew and by this point it's become the hit of this fall in the playlist. 🐵

@basspistol I felt like it's not snare that's offbeat but a kick that gives you impression that's snare offbeat. I've had similar mindfuck situations when i started making beats 😂 Maybe he didn't quantize? Anyways, that's not what puts me off tho, it's this melody that's nor static nor dynamic. It's weird :thaenkin: Still, not bad for someone i assume is beginner in rap 👌

@burek If something is offbeat, everything is off beat. The sensation of what element is, is relative to wherever one feels the 1 is/should be located: a personal thing except for the one that creates it and knows the grid. My brain tends to automagicaly align everything to the first kickdrum... hence why i feel the snare is off. 🤪

But anyways, your reply begs the real question: where can one listen to _your_ beats?

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