And here it is! the mermaid I painted as a birthday gift for my mom :)

Oh and shoutout to @Atsuko for giving me some really good and detailed feedback! (don't worry, I'm gonna change some things before actually printing it hehe ;p)

@basicbishoujo Wow! There is so much more depth than usual in this one!

@basicbishoujo This is gorgeous! I love the details like the spines on her head, the moon, and the glow of the water. It has such a mysterious feeling to it!

@bear omg thanks 😳 I've always thought mermaids gotta be a little scary. She's totally gonna eat those sailors btw lol

@basicbishoujo OMG THIS IS SO GOOD OMG, i love the lighting & background

@basicbishoujo Wow.. I love the detail work with this piece! I love the rocks seem to add to the emotion of it. The colors are so impactful too! Very very lovely! 💚​

@hoppet HEHE THANKS! I made it for my mom, and im gonna get it printed out as an actual painting to hang on the wall but we still havent gotten around to it 😔

@hoppet We got this ugly old painting with a big ass frame from an antique shop that we're gonna use to put it in hehe. And It's too much brain work to figure out the right dimensions and stuff lol

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