Follow the inktober guy plagiarized Alphonso Dunn, an inking youtuber I learned a ton from when starting out.

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I remember people trying to get rid of him last year and do "drawtober" instead. I don't remember exactly what he did then but like, im sure he's shitty lol

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@basicbishoujo goddamn that dude just keeps getting worse and worse huh?? 😒

no more inktober. society has evolved past the need for inktober.

@shade I never even knew there was a "inktober guy" until last year. I just thought it was just a thing people did

@basicbishoujo oh yea and he really sucks too lol. he’s such a fucking snob which is why this is, hilarious ? i guess. like he didn’t think digital art was “real” inktober and shit like that. fuck him.

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