what are yalls favorite fake milk? I tried almond milk once I think but it was gross. I'm sure there is something out there that tastes good?

thank you all for the suggestions. I'm just gonna buy one of each and try them all until I find the one that's good.

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@basicbishoujo do you mean like whole vs 1% or something? I usually just drink the latter. no real preference for that kind. Other stuff like almond I cannot drink lmao, it's so bad imo

@basicbishoujo oh shit my bad, you said fake, I cannot read lmfao. Hmm, can't say I've had much of that. Is oat any good?

@MairuzuRoxs no idea, almond is the only one I've tried and it kinda put me off trying to find one I like lol

@basicbishoujo I like soy and oat milk. Almond is good if it's vanilla flavored imo.

@basicbishoujo I love soy milk but I would love to try rice milk and oat milk

@rizzo It's funny how pretty much everyone is saying different things lol

@basicbishoujo people have strong opinions about milk.
For example I don't like actual milk with exception to skim and everyone else I know says skim milk tastes terrible
@rizzo @basicbishoujo

you should ignore those people, it's important to drink lots of water. :^)

@basicbishoujo I like them all but mainly because I'm violently allergic to lactose. For coffee and cereal I like all the vanilla flavored milks. For cooking and baking, unsweetened plain milks. Oat milk and soy milk are good in hot lattes. Coconut is good for iced coffee. Almond is good in smoothies or blended drinks! 😅

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