it's interesting just how differently I can look at this now from when I made it just like a month ago. So many things I could do another way.

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@naz_arrete thank you but I think the original picture is very beautiful too :>

@basicbishoujo Wow. I love it! This is so different from what you are often doing.

@Sylvhem Thanks :)
Yeah, I wanted to try out my skills. I spent a long time training my observational drawing skills before doing animoo.

@Sylvhem I always want to make things different. I never want to stay still with my art.

@basicbishoujo really cool. I love the contrast between the simplified clothing & wall and the realistic face.

@NLS hehe thANKS :) that's right, I can do realistic stuff as well. I just gotta have good reference. I feel kinda weird about it because I just took a picture from a person I follow on instagram withouth uh... permission?

@basicbishoujo Lol idk if they ever find out u can take it down? But otherwise 🤷

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