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Here is my Hatsune Miku I drew last year. 1 year of progress. I can't wait to see what it looks like next year

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my minecraft username is yaoi_hands
because of course it is

is back with more user slots, better performance but the same game files!

Anyone can join the SMP server, people who are interested in longer-term projects as well as casual players!

Read the rules (there have been some minor changes): (Leads to Google Docs)
And then reply in a DM with your username!

Made in heaven is probably my favorite stand design. I love that dumb horse.

there is nothing more embarassing than writing a funny chat message on twitch and there is someone right below or above you who said the exact same thing.

some times I have mastodon open in more tabs than one and when I get a notification it's a loud as hell echo.
The normal notification sound is scary enough.

I had the front page of twitter open in three different tabs.

ok so like.
I'm hecka happy with the next two inktober drawings you're gonna see, so now I'm like oh shit I'm getting powerful. And my ideas for new drawings become more complicated and so I get mad when I can't do it.

KIDS THESE DAYS have facebooks and snapchats from birth amirite fellow boomers?

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