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Here is my Hatsune Miku I drew last year. 1 year of progress. I can't wait to see what it looks like next year

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ok so like.
I'm hecka happy with the next two inktober drawings you're gonna see, so now I'm like oh shit I'm getting powerful. And my ideas for new drawings become more complicated and so I get mad when I can't do it.

KIDS THESE DAYS have facebooks and snapchats from birth amirite fellow boomers?

anyways, my first internet username had a 9 in it because I was 9 years old.

I learned english when I was a little babby from playing video games and being annoying on internet forums.

I think I saw a polyglot say that the easiest way to learn is to not care about grammar at first but to get a large vocabulary so that you can actually engage with the language.
and I dunno, that makes sense.

but seriously, I learned all the grammar stuff. I'm just not sure how much that stuck.
I feel like I can polish up on things like that when I have a decent understanding of the language.
My biggest goal is not to speak or write anyways. I just want to *consume*

I don't what the fuck a grammar is, but I'm sure it will all work out.

I've decided to seriously start studying japanese again, next month. I'm gonna have to relearn a lot of stuff at this point but I feel like I'm pretty close to a breakthrough where I would be able to read manga with minimal troubles, and if I get to that point, learning will speed up for sure.

and I'm like

haha this basicbishoujo person is so funny

sometimes, I like to read my own posts while pretending to be someone else.

also also the bad guy is called pissman or something.
also also also, there's a side character who says everything three times and I love her.

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