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shoutout to all the extinct megafauna.
i miss you guys

everytime I write a comment on reddit it's in a sarcastic passive aggressive tone and that's because I hate redditors.

how do people just sketch things out of their heads? wtf? I can not draw a stick figure without googling for references.

computers are bad actually. they are bad and scary I don't know how they work.

anyways. Aqours>muse
Dia best girl.
thats it im done.

love live just kinda disappeared. I never see anyone talk about it anymore.
I was in there deep, in love live hell.

also the love live movie is the only movie I've seen in my life.

I swore I would never get into another gacha game after I quit school idol festival. I spent way too much money... Sometimes I start listening to the music and I miss it though

I try my best to make bad posts so that I feel no pressure to impress anyone when I actually want to post something.

shapes are just a bunch of shadows. colors arent real btw its all just light. hashtag art tips.

everything in life is actually a box.
how to draw by me.

all of human anatomy is in fact square. We're all just a bunch of goddamn boxes

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