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before that is star wars... eeeehh I don't really wanna.
do I have to?

you all motherfuckers have already moved on but it wont get shown until the 25th over here.

frozen 2 is only airing in swedish in my local movie theater and I don't think I could handle that... ๐Ÿ˜

Trying to figure out Mastodon so here's some OC sweetness for starters. Vitka (she/her) and Esra (they/them) from the project

Aliens are real and one of them is my girlfriend.

ok 3 2 1 I'm gonna do it.
im gonna do it.
alright. eek

if only... I was drawing right now.

nothing is stopping me really, I'm just not doing it.

you're very nice. and you have pretty hair. that's what I think atleast. to all my mutuals.

when is the new yugioh series announced? I gotta know if the new protag has white hair like I predicted.

I was just about to be sad, but I decided. nah, lets not.

new love live anime announced. but the girls aren't new, its that weird spinoff group with the girl that has a screen for a face? You know what I'm talking about?

I like to squeeze my own body to feel the skeleton underneath.

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