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It's my birthday! That means you have to boost my art.

Upper Moon six - Gyutaro

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me after thinking "oh no I've lost my ability to draw forever. my life is ruined" and then a day later "ehehe drawing is so much fun :>" for the 30th time

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I'm actually studpi. I'm axtualyy the stupidest bitch alive. fuck

damn palkia is the ugliest looking pokemon, I hate that thing.

I'm scared to draw anything horny because I always wanna show my mom whatever im drawing lol

imagine a girl
now there's two of them
they're kissing

btw krita means crayon in swedish hehe. I assume that's on purpose. is it a swedish project? or maybe that's also the case in fucking german or something.

I want to make patterns. I saw someone on here a while ago doing patterns with Krita, with a wraparound tool and you could make them tile and stuff.

I wanna do that. Is it possible with clip studio? I can't get krita on my ipad lol.

remember when people would do keysmashing? I wanna do that.

but all I wanna do is cry on the floor and play videogames

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I have to draw something easy and work myself up to the harder stuff. rehabilitative drawing, after my long break.


Want gorlfirend 😭😭😭😭

Wind waker is unsurprisingly very very good. Makes me realize how much I missed dungeons in botw lol

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