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When you just can't stop staring at your newly completed drawing.
Your eyes frantically scanning for any error.

Haikyuu is one of the few series where I preferred the anime over the manga.

I just could not keep of track what was happening when reading.

I played a sonic game once. The one where he's a furry on the wii.

Gumi drawing - DONE!
aaa I love how this one turned out.
Her Bday is the 26th so I'll post it around then.

I'm so excited for mario maker!!

I bought it for my sister too for her birthday. So we'll be able to play eachothers levels.

Me toggling visibility on the layer I drew the clothes on:

hehe... naked

As promised I'm currently working on a Gumi drawing.
And it's good. Gumi I love you.

america really is going to war with iran? Fuck you. Fuck you.

how the fuck do you acquire drugs?
I wanna do some drugs.

oh... my one year crunchyroll subscription just expired. That kinda sucks. There's no way I'll renew it.

I'm legally not allowed to call Megurine Luka a fictional character.
It's just a coincidence that I was thinking about that.

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