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I'm Inez. I go by Basic Banshee. I'm a musician. I play clarinet. I'm a vocalist. I sing mostly jazz and classical rep. I compose music. I was a music/biology major in undergrad.

I'm a big fan of EDM, vaporwave, jazz, classical music, kpop, musicals, opera, and video game music.

I'm slowly getting back into violin and piano.

I'm starting to learn how to draw. If anyone has any beginner tips and sources, that would be super duper appreciated. My beginner drawing goal is to make myself a decent witchsona.

I'm in love with art styles from anime like Sound Euphonium, Your Lie in April, Little Witch Academia, Studio Ghibli, and Madoka Magica. I'm in love with Maya Kern's art style.

@basicbanshee if you're still lookibg for drawing ressources check out Proko on Youtube - hes liked by beginners and professionals alike :)

@basicbanshee also even if you want to draw stylized look for realistic tutorials - stylized ones often use shortcuts for stuff and you dont learn the real deal. I made this mistake and now I essentially have to relearn everything from scratch! D:

@basicbanshee If I was starting from scratch again, I'd get into - you don't have to do these ONLY but I would balance this with personal work.

For your sake, use a lot of reference.

For (general) people drawing, I'd start nailing the general proportions and volumes (detailed anatomy can come after).

For anime drawing, study the proportions of a show you like. See how far they space the eyes, where they place the nose, how big is the head compared to the body for example. Try to copy those proportions as best you can, and maybe use their model sheets. Fine details can be applied afterwards.

These are just general tips, but just having fun at this point is key. Enjoy the process of creating and learning, and welcome! :)

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