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Continuing mirroring
Radio Alhara: Sonic Liberation Front ( here:

And we will continue for the next couple of days! Stay tuned!

#varia #freepalestine #radioalhara #mirroring #streaming

Track-list of today on the image:

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This Sunday morning at Varia: Read & Repair - The Automated Body feat. Angeliki Diakrousi

The text selection for Read in May was made by @anglk whose work engages critically with notions of listening and dynamics of public realms.

In this edition of Read participants will be invited to pick a text, read in groups, breath and share their readings through an (un)automated persona. We discuss automations of the human body, that surpasses the idea that 'human' differs from the other animals in that it uses tools. They are;

Countersexual Manifesto (2018) by Paul B. Preciado

Full Queerocracy Now!: Pink Totaliterianism and the Industrialization of Libidinal Agriculture (2021) by Comrade Josephine (embodied by Luce deLire)

Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software (2002) by Steven Johnson

There is no prior reading needed before we come together to Read, we send out a link for download during the event.

Date: Sunday, 30th May 2021
Time: 11:00-13:00 CEST
NOTE: This reading session will be held in English.

[image: poster with title on layers of images, including a scan of bubble wrap, a pen with black background, and waving images of the communist sickle & scythe on pink triangle, and StarLogo slime mold simulation - both from readings]

got a video premiering now on youtube. Go watch!

the video is a combination of visual and musical thoughts and ideas put together.

thanks for watching!

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📡 As part 3 of my little cyber ruins project i made a few book copies with screenshots from field research. I only have a monochrome laser printer, so i used three different types of paper to add some color. It has 40 pages, i think that’s nearly the maximum for staple binding and cutting with this old rusty machine i have… i have to find out how to sharpen the knife very soooon

Cyber Ruins (Part 3: Adjective+Noun)

@zine #zine #art #book #zineswap

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7 tracks of #techno and #electro performed mostly live on a mix of commercial and #DIY synthesizers, recorded to #cassette . my homemade modular synth is used throughout, lots of crunchy analog sounds.

Available on Bandcamp:

CC-BY - Free to use, remix, etc,

🔁 Please boost if you know anybody who likes this sort of thing :-) 🔁

Some photos of my sound installation "Sonic Life/Social Death" with multimedia artist Caetano at the Dystopie Festival in Berlin last year.

Thanks to everyone who came. It was weird but exciting to have managed to adapt to circumstances and go ahead with the show.

I also talked about black revolutionary electronic music, sonic dominance, black intel and the importance of protecting these narratives.

You can see the whole documentation of the exhibition here:

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Decolonization isn’t about going back in time it’s about seizing the future. Good night


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Nice line from @aral

"There are two industries that have "users" -- us and drug dealers. It makes sense for big tech since they want people to be addicted to their products..."

Better term: participants?

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France: Court bans drone #surveillance of demonstrations

The country's highest administrative court has left little room for the government to authorise aerial surveillance of protests in its proposed law 'Global Security' law. #loisecuritaireglobale


Check the article written by my G
AmandaAgyei exposing her experience at NYUFlorence and reminding melanin knows what you're doing and you'll be held accountable NYU! Lame ass language only makes you look like you suffer from narcissism. we're not falling. Bye.

Everyone is freaking out because WhatsApp is gonna share info with other social media...move to signal but keep on using fb, ig and other facebook owned shit which has always been sharing their info with other social media anyways... Smh..

It cannot be too late to toot about self-care a healing hacks, right?

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Anxiety? Panic attacks? PTSD? Stress?

Have you ever tried to hack yourself to help balance emotions, with very simple and comfortable "self-hugs"?

Very easy and useful hack to learn and share around!


#HackingwithCare #SelfHoldingHacks

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#HamerBakerPlan #EndWhiteSupremacy


Happy Birthday, Fannie Lou Hamer (October 6, 1917 – March 14, 1977)!🎈

Hamer was a community organizer & a leader in the Civil Rights Movement. She was the co-founder & vice-chair of the Freedom Democratic Party.

📸: Photo Credit: Jack Thornell/AP/Shutterstock.


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