what do you say about my technical rider designing skills?

Listen to my radio art pilot I did a couple years back. I was meant to continue it as a series but I've been quite slow in the process. It's been broadcast on Archipel Community Radio. , and have become a way of experimenting with live performance; to bend the forms of performing songs etc.

The story talks about , and evokes

What do you think?


***Help a black artist intellectual spread her ideas***


I've been selected to present a paper at a Conference in Sao Paulo.

As a 'third class citizen' struggling in Europe and with prolonged denial of access to citizenship, I sometimes find myself isolated and in serious state hardship to maintain the bridges to places; my research and current scholarship; and updating my practice in tune with current production.

Please check, help and share!

The Black Audio Collective: A group of black British attempting to make sense of themselves and to the broader culture


A wiki for collaborative studies of the arts, media and humanities.


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Our beloved Berlin shall not be taken over by these tax-evading, law-breaking, human-rights violating creeps building a dystopian future! mamot.fr/media/nS8dyxb8ZVu7BZu

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