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Im bao! I am currently juggling a thousand ideas. Character designer, fashion designer, comic maker, etc.

Just drawing whatever OC fancies me that day.

Another image of my quintilius, my BOI. A normally soft shy necromancer charr- except in battle where he loses his control. Some charr say it's a curse since his mother (necro as well. Worked as a torturer for ash legion) was betrayed by his father(who he looks like) and sacrificed brutally.

Or he just really likes blood. One can't tell

*crawls back* I'm sorry....been playing and I've just thought of my new babies the last month. Here's a ton of draws of my quintilius and my guardian phoebe ;u;

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Trying out g which actually has a decent opacity with the note 8. Just hate the interface which is hardly explained. Didn't realize till the painting was done where other brushes were 😥

Really wanting that filthy figment subscription but they don't have PayPal and my visa isn't....... functional right now 😓 I'll figure something out

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I'm still working on this but really like how it's coming along...the only catch is that it's definitely gonna be in color. I've lost patience with figuring that out for the time being, though. \o/;

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if anyone wants to practice figure drawing I recc Croquis Cafe! It's figure drawing classes recorded in real time, and really good to use for warmups.

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i miss making really polished illustrations huff huff huff

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Gold and dark

In my quest for the ultimate gold paint/ink I found a solvent one that's bad for health, but good for education

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small blood 

yeah phoebes pretty and cute but sometimes shes kinda scary in battle (atleast i like to imagine 8'D )

I feel the worst for this like

Breakup shit is the fact that I have no artistic motivation. Guess that's the issue when your muse is so connected to a person and their ideas rip

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Having to do a lot of work on some old ocs bc I'm no longer with my girlfriend :( my ex had a lot of her hand in the arcs my characters had and now I need to somehow separate them. Here's syaoran The necklace from his mother is important drawn on my phone u w u

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[NSFW/nude torso] Ollld figure study of a from a very elaborate homebrew in the Underdark. Transgendered Drow Judicator ended up with a whip, House and then a cult. Then the campaign got past lvl 20 and stugg got fun. XD

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