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I think I should do a couple shameless self promos while I'm awake. First one is my most passionate for obvious reasons,

➡ Archives of Memoria: Final Fantasy IX Gaiden
➡ A story following a side-character to the world of FFIX known as Alleyway Jack, set before, during, and after the events of the game. It updates every Monday and will begin update notifications on Mastodon next week.

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And here's my other current ongoing project, though one would be wise not to hold their breath waiting for updates...

➡ The Third Arbiter
➡ A slow-paced sci-fi following two strangers in the aftermath of an alien world's technological armageddon. It is a short story aimed for approximately 70 pages, but it updates seldom and sporadically.


trying to depict Queen Brahne not as the batshit crazy queen everyone knows her to be, but as the kind woman and widowed mother that Princess Garnet and her devoted Alexandrian citizens knew her as.

also sorry for the long absence from mastodon, I just really didn't know what to post over the past month or so.

(copypasted from tumblr)

so uhh hey to those that are actually following me for FFIX Gaiden:Archives of Memoria, please take this weird lil screencap as confirmation that I’m officially back to working on the comic and will be updating soon-ish. Won’t be this monday unfortunately, but hopefully by next monday I’ll have myself straightened out and we’ll be back to the same old weekly schedule. Thanks for your patience, and thank you for actually reading in the first place!

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aaaand ffixgaiden is officially on hiatus.
that's fine too.
sorry if i'm inconveniencing anyone tho

no ffixgaiden this week either. That's fine though.

to whoever it may concern: is not going to be updated this monday. I got a little too busy over the past week and I was unable to make any progress.

I'll try to get myself back intgo gear in the next coming days.

update! I think I've drawn the front to that temple enough times to get tired of it now.

⭐ Read page 18 of Chapter 3 at:

it has been a full year since i have drawn anything remotely original.png

am i cool yet?

not often i use that last tag lol it will not become a habit keep that in mind

update! Not every day you get to see an abandoned mansion guarding what looks like a prehistoric monolithic structure...

⭐ Read page 18 of Chapter 3 at:

update! Looks like I've been getting the page numbers wrong the past couple updates. Whoops! My bad. Anyway, lil Gil notices something outside...

⭐ Read page 17 of Chapter 3 at:

also i guess since it's been a while since I posted anything on mastodon, here's some more ... because yeah that's all I seem to be drawing rn aside from comics lol

🌟 time for another / update! ...Because I said so. There's really no schedule for this, you gotta play it by ear with me honestly.

🌟 Go read page 30 of The Third Arbiter if you're ok with sporadically updated projects:

venting. very negative. 

update, late but not tardy. Complete with dynamic shots n stuff. It was very overwhelming to draw. Next page is gonna be even moreso.

⭐ Read page 13 of Chapter 3 at:

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