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For those curious, yes, we're still working on final touches before launching the closed beta! If you want more specifics, we have a public MVP roadmap over at that details everything we're planning and what we're working on right now!

woo thanks everyone. Today was an awesome day and we got so many of y'all engaging with us, talking and asking questions and generally enthusing about it.

We think this project is gonna be amazing and we look forward to getting it in your hands very soon :)

Hi! We're excited to announce Banchan Art, a new platform for art commissions!

It's a co-operative owned by workers and artists that raises the bar on how art commissions are done. Today, we're opening signups for the closed beta.

Sign up here:

Alright folks. I’m ready for a small user test on a new, cooperative commissions platform! I need a handful of artists to just sit with me for a bit, set up their accounts, and go through the comms workflow to test it out and give product feedback. If you’re interested feel free to DM me for more details! I’m super excited and I think you will be too.


Hi all, I've made a new Discord just for Banchan where you can get updates, help contribute, share art, and otherwise enthuse about an artist-owned commissions platform! More news Coming Soon™️

Hi 👀

Nothing to see here yet, but maybe soon. 👀


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