A bonus incentive for the Kickstarter! I will be giving out original “Catte Belle” strips from last October to 5 random backers who pledge for physical rewards. This applies to anyone who pledge before and after this post!

Pledge now at kck.st/389pPW4
kickstarter.com/projects/baker ( kickstarter.com/projects/baker )

13 days left in the Kickstarter, with nearly 50% raised!

Fuzzy Princess 2 is a 192-page full color graphic novel featuring a cat princess in humorous misadventures. Suitable for all ages!

Pledge now at kck.st/389pPW4

Morning, everyone! As of today we're halfway through the Kickstarter! Woo!

Still more to go, so please help out getting my silly cat princess book printed! Thanks!

Pledge at kck.st/389pPW4

Got a sizable bump this past weekend for the campaign! Thanks to everyone who made a pledge!

Still 16 days to go! Reserve your copy of a cat princess shenanigans graphic novel now at kck.st/389pPW4

Doing another marathon stream today for the Kickstarter! Come on in! picarto.tv/bakertoons

Just 20 days to support the new Fuzzy Princess book Kickstarter! The book features all the comics from the 2nd year of the comic, featuring cat princess misadventures

Claim your copy today!


I'm doing another Kickstarter marathon stream today! ! Come on in starting at 12PM Central! picarto.tv/Bakertoons

I'm taking commissions! More info here twitter.com/bakertoons/status/

Back the Kickstarter at kickstarter.com/projects/baker

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