I came across a really old webcomic I did which had this panel. I decided to redraw it in my current style, figuring it can be used as a reaction image.

So share away!

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I always pencil digitally, then ink traditionally, but there are times I have to do roughs on paper in order to fix a panel.

Here’s the inked version with all the white outs and such :P (contrast raised so you can see it) You can view the full, raw scan of this page on Patreon! patreon.com/posts/29205622

Had to draw this after seeing WaffleDog's Fresh Princess drawing XD. In all seriousness, Cherry is fun to draw!

Waffle's drawing: twitter.com/bakertoons/status/

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This is probably an obscure fanart. "Arnold" was a newspaper strip by Kevin McCormick that ran 1982-1988. It's about a middle-school boy who says nasty, bizarre things because he doesn't know any better. The strip had a very limited cast, with Tommy and Mr. Lester being the only other prominent characters (other characters would yell from off-panel).

I wish this strip was reprinted in books; I had to use newspaper archives to get copies of the strip

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A drawing of the Cat Witch! I decided that her name is Macka! She's casting a spell, it seems

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Because it's true, you know?

You can get this on shirts, mugs, and other merch! Yes, I finally set a store page up for merch! cafepress.com/thefuzzyprincess

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I drew this for Dana Simpson when we met at the Reuben Awards in Huntington Beach last May. Been a long-time fan of her work since the "Ozy and Millie" days.

This is how I imagine Kat and Marigold (and Phoebe and Jackson) would talk if they ever met.

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