Kickstarter has finished, raising $5,346 out of $5,000 goal! I want to thank everyone who helped out, whether through pledges, plugging, or general support. It helped me get through the past 35 days when this was going.

I'm making final checks with the files, then go contact the printing company for arrangements. I'm also gonna work on getting the rewards made. I've already ordered stickers for the backers, for starters.

Once again, thank you all!

Down to the final hours with the Kickstarter! Remember, it ends tonight on 7pm Central! If you want in on the rewards being offered, now's a good time!

So yeah, I reached 100% Kickstarter goal last night. The book is happening! WOO! Thank you very much for pledging! It means a lot!

So what's next? Well, the Kickstarter is still going for 2 more days (it ends this Tuesday), so if you want in on the book, there's still time! I can use extra pledges.

The LAST Kickstarter marathon stream! Gonna do sketch commissions for people who back!

If you already received a sketch commission and want another, just increase your pledge by $10+ and I'll do a second one!

Kickstarter will end this Tuesday, and it's nearly fully funded! Just $445 needed to fully fund this!

Thanks for those who backed! If you haven't pledged yet, you may do so! ()

THE FUZZY PRINCESS is a webcomic I've been doing since 2016 about a cat princess who gets stuck on Earth and learns to embrace humanity. I'm working to get the first year's worth of comics printed into a book, covering 6 stories and 2 shorter ones. Help make this book a reality!

Gotten new pledges for the Kickstarter. Thanks for those who backed!

Here's another giveaway. The next 3 people who back "Prints and Book Plates" ($35) tier or higher will get an original art for one of the prints alongside their rewards!

6 days left! Back now to get this giveaway!

The Fuzzy Princess Kickstarter is down to its final week! Have gotten a lot of support for the book about the cat princess!

There's still time, so back now! LOTS of goodies are being offered!

We are down to the final stretch with the Kickstarter. It will end ONE WEEK from now, on evening at February 19. We have made great progress with the Kickstarter, and I am optimistic we will have the book made.

I want to thank everyone who's pledged so far. Your support means a lot, and I am grateful people want this book made.

The Fuzzy Princess book Kickstarter's 75% funded, and it ends next week on Tuesday February 19! Thanks to everyone who pledged so far!

If you would like a book about a snarky cat princess, then this is for you!

Just a heads up that the Kickstarter will end next week! If you want a graphic novel about a grumpy cat princess, this is your chance to get it!

A commission for Dragonhead. His OC riding on the bird from "Hilda"!
Back THE FUZZY PRINCESS BOOK 1 Kickstarter here! 8 days to go!

Kickstarter commission for Tony Ringtail! Looks like Chiro is intefering with a radio signal.
Back THE FUZZY PRINCESS BOOK 1 Kickstarter! 74% funded with 8 days to go!

With 9 days to go and 72% raised, here's a special offer for anyone who wants to pledge! The next 5 people who pledge for "The Book" tier or higher will get an original Inktober drawing with their reward!

Spots are limited, so back now!

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