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My first toot <3 Hi! Please call me BB! I love drawing anime girls > o < I am also open for commissions! Lets be friendssssssssssss!

I like drawing girls so I was happy drawing 3x the amount! hehe!

(Reposted, Accidentally posted bad quality one lol)

Chibi YCH Koala Commissions Open.
100% will be donated to the bush fire appeal for Australia.
$20 USD tax included
Please Dm me if interested, with reference of character and the type:

Type A : Eating Koala
Type B : Curious Koala

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What happens next??

I really wanted to draw Alter for xmas all tsundere looking haha

Prize for spontaneous raffle on twitter
I'll be holding 3k raffle soon cause I reached it unexpectedly!

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Hey I just wanted to tell y'all about my Gay Fund! My boyfriend is currently living in America while I'm up here in Canada, so I'm using my commissions to raise money to help us be together irl.
So far I'm 11% of the way to my first goal (thanks to a wonderful snake commission)! But I still have some ways to go before I can put a ring on his finger. Check out my Ko-Fi or my site for more commission details, or if you wanna help but don't wanna spend money, please boost this. Thanks!

Sketch prize on a guessing game I did on twitter last month! Thinking of opening sketch commissions since I enjoyed doing this piece!

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