Apparently my account has been limited for a week, following a report I made on someone for displaying racial prejudice.

It seems I failed to realise that reporting a person of color for displaying racial bias against white people is a micro-aggression. 🤔

As such, I think I'll be leaving this server later today, as I don't think me and the mods can see eye to eye on this matter.

Racial prejudice is NOT OK, and spreading racially biased BS is NOT OK. At any point. Spread love, not hate. ❤️

Support your Fedifriends! 💙 ✨

If you're a creator making things that people can enjoy from the comfort of their home right now, please leave your links below!

Games, art, books, music ... anything!

Free or paid -- a lot of people are going through tough times right now and if buying your stuff will help you, don't be afraid to share it!

Who doesn't love some aesthetic B&W photos?

Working on this particular preset was really fun, but also playing with the lights in the photostudio.

Some doodles of characters I have not drawn in a long while. I missed doodling Falgyrac and did not realize it, it seems.

I'm having so much fun revisiting some of my old photos 😀

Especially now that I have some extra time due to having to stay at home.


(Eevee has already been unlocked!)
Early bird tiers expire in just over 24 hours - you get cheaper prices on all pins and still don't get charged until April 14th!

Exploring the areas after catching up to MSQ is always a wonderful opportunity for spontaneous photoshoots 😍

when you're at home and your hands are freshly washed do you just lay them on your face bcs they missed them

Hello!! Due to a few math mistakes, I'm temporarily opening ko-fi commissions. Either leave your character's refs in the ko-fi notes or DM them to me

Pixel chibis:
🌸 10 ko-fi / 30USD ea.
✨ 8 ko-fi / 24USD ea.for the first three orders

Here are some beginner recipes to get you started!

1) Refrigerator No-Knead White bread: Uses a mixer instead of hand-kneading, very little "active" time, basic ingredients

2) Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls: Just 30 minutes of prep, roughly 90 minutes total, great for group meals

3) Gluten-Free Egg Bread
Uses more expensive ingredients, but great if you or a loved-one eat gluten-free!

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While I really love Miqos, I did have a brief period of time where I tried Viera at the start of Shadowbringers.

Really love their animations, and the long hairs ❤️ 🐰

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