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after a long period of not being that confident in my art, i decided to open commissions again for the foreseeable future! please make sure to read the doc for more info and prices ~


if i wasnt beaten down by some people in the utau community back then i wouldn't be as demotivated as i currently am now

I DONT WANNA LIKE SULK IN MY SALT BUT HH sometimes letting out makes me feel a lil better

yknow what i really miss 2014-2016 and that period when i used to go to utaforum religiously LMAO

in the past few years ive grown spiteful of my past handle from 2016-2017 to the point where i like. Hated it when anyone called me by said handle but now? it's not too bad honestly

i guess its something that's not too grating to think about now that i've gotten over some grudges and all

there have been good things that came out of that year but uohhh.h..

i wish i had that motivation back but then 2017 comes back and LMAO its gone

the psp will always be one of my favourite game consoles because FUCK there's some games in there that i really loved playing as a kid

ahhuu i have not downloaded ppsspp before ,, i say as i do have a psp

wait wait TBH im fine with their oto as it is so im gonna leave it

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