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hey!! my name's aza and i like to draw as a hobby, though i do have an inconsistent art style. i hope we can get along!! ovo/ πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

on another note, i have commissions open atm! you can check my commissions info here:

you ever just not touch utau for a month but then you want to make some more covers bc BOY i hope i finish this before school starts ;; also im cleaning up my utaus' oto configs for their v.1.2 release soon, which is scheduled to be released next year

song: wozwald

i should post a cover wip here later ?? perhaps so

might work on my site later i havent updated it in... Weeks

im glad this costume suit is permanent otherwise i would've exploded by now

a moment of silence for the old server icon of the uac before it got changed to donald duck and his erect dick

i wanna um.. dedicate a whole canvas to maria bc i always feel like neglecting her

ill draw for a bit once i eat breakfast and all aaaa

i was drawing some marias and jfc they look so wonky

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