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Great reflection ... this line stayed with me (upon your return to song after other project):

"So I went horizontally (into the song) rather than vertically ..."

Finding new ways into songs is always an interesting compositional strategy .. Thx for sharing


@y6nH Thanks! I do think our song was the most immediate. Not a value judgment from me either; just that despite the formal shenanigans it was pretty straightforward in overall structure. The poppiest song among several where I don't think poppiness was the goal.

@y6nH @awhaleslantern @motorb @flavigula @polymerwitch @vanhaase @drembot @reinhard @estebanm @valrus @LouInABox @js0000 @sixohsix @maher @Thuslyandfurthermore @marmalbear @birdsofpraise @safertohatethem @adambredenberg for the track that @vanhaase and i worked on we decided to work off a painted portrait and then went back and forth on ideas. eventually we decided to go with Self Portrait - Dedicated to Dr Eloesser - 1940 by Frida Kahlo.

the mix of imagery from christian themes to native symbolism; from the hand that was gifted from Picasso to the implied isolation of her relationship with Diego Rivera and reaching out to her friend Dr Eloesser

i tried to also mix self reflection of darkness but coming through with serenity by using Spanish rhythms with a slow C key uplift of contemporary christian music. What rises to the top is the last connection between friends. i hope the song conveys that in some way.

@awhaleslantern I'm very excited about how it'll turn out! Hoping I can participate in the future! 🤞

@y6nH @awhaleslantern @motorb @flavigula @polymerwitch @vanhaase @drembot @reinhard @estebanm @valrus @LouInABox @js0000 @sixohsix @maher @Thuslyandfurthermore @marmalbear @birdsofpraise @safertohatethem @adambredenberg
As promised, I wrote a reflection on the creative process of making the song for A Whale's Lantern with @flavigula This is only my perspective, of course. I struggled with the last paragraph, as I think it captures my thinking of why do this in the first place. #MusicCollab

I think I need to quit a regular church gig that's underpaid.

I feel bad about it; it's underpaid because that congregation can't afford to pay more, and the people are always very grateful and gracious. And it's only once a month.

But... well. I arrive at 15.30 for a service that is meant to start at 16.00 but often starts closer to 16.30. It lasts two hours and then there is an expectation that I will stay to eat, meaning I often don't leave before 19.00.

@y6nH @LouInABox hey there! We have 5, but that doesn't include yours and Lou's - I received an email from Lou last night, but it requires a password to read it, which I don't have - could you please send me the password or send the track in some other way?

Today is the deadline for this round of the ! I'm very excited to hear what the pairs have come up with and I hope you are too! Release date is on two weeks, so mark your calendars!
So far, 3 pairs have already submitted!

@polymerwitch @vanhaase yay! I haven't listened yet, because this time I want to wait for all submissions to be there before listening to anything but I am excited! :)

the @awhaleslantern track that @vanhaase and I worked on is done and submitted!

i'm really happy with how it turned out, and i'm excited for everyone to hear it

@valrus I'm in Berlin, but I'll leave the form open until tomorrow/noon, so all time zones can get all of Sunday :)

#MusicCollab Our song is finished, I believe ...and it is pretty cool the way we started in one place many weeks ago and ended in another, through collaboration and conversation. I am grateful for @flavigula as a partner in creativity


It is indeed finished and submitted. It was a great pleasure working with @dogtrax and hope to again one day.

Just a bit more work and my #MusicCollab with @js0000 will be done. I'll be cutting it close to the deadline but I am certain I'll get it done on time.

#MusicCollab is making progress - the deadline is getting tight, but @LouInABox and I should finish our track this weekend.

@awhaleslantern, one question: the rules say no samples, but it's OK to use sounds from Freesound under a Creative Commons licence, right? We'll provide attribution as necessary.

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