The artists on the second album of the come from many different places - and here's a beautiful map that will show you which ones!

If you want to listen to, download, or buy the album, you can do so here:

Musicians were paired up at random to make the wonderful songs on the album. :music_collab: 💙 🎼


Taadaa: the cover for the next album, to be released on Sunday! 16 of your favourite Mastodon musicians banded together to make music in randomly assigned pairs, and I hope you're as excited to me to hear the songs!


Do you want to know where on the fediverse the artists that have submitted songs for the can be found? These are the instances:


Only one week to go until we will release the collaborations that some of us mastodon musicians have worked on for the last couple of months! This will be the album cover:


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