We're at 14 sign-ups for the fourth round of the ! - if you make music of any kind or genre and want to collaborate with an internet stranger, feel free to sign up:

:music_collab: 🎼 👾

You can listen to the finished songs of the past rounds here:

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@jankoekepan I'm not a super techie person and I run this project in my (little) free time, so I use whatever works best for me without spending hours trying to figure things out. Sorry if this isn't "revolutionary" enough for you but so far nobody has been able to point me to an easily accessible and usable alternative (esp. for forms).

@awhaleslantern Hey there, that sounds really cool but I have some questions:
- As a non-composing mono-instrumentalist, can I really contribute? The poll says pairs a formed, but I doubt my skills would suffice to make a complete song in a duet.
- How often do you propose this project? I'd be sad to miss it, should the timeline be incompatible with my other schedules.
Cheers and good luck, the idea is fantastic!

@FullmetalBassist hey there, to 1) I think it's probably a bit trickier but definitely possible - there are always a few people who do write and produce entire songs on their own, so there a collaboration might be possible. What do you mean by you don't compose? Just that you don't write entire pieces or that you do not come up with anything (e.g. improvisation over a chord progression)?

@awhaleslantern Thank you very much for you replies,
1) I meant writing songs or arrangements. I do like to improvise or jam, and often write bass lines of varied complexity myself (I'm not as "fullmetal" as the name suggests ;) ).
2) Somehow, that makes the concept even better, your investment is admirable. I'll have to take some time thinking through my calendar, so I can be sure to not make anything grow over my head! :D

@FullmetalBassist I run this project irregularly, depending on my free time and if I'm in the mood for it, so I can't really say yet when the next one will be 😉

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