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Amis de l’océan ! Je suis très heureuse d’annoncer quels sont les binômes d’artistes qui ont contribué des chansons pour la prochaine édition de notre projet de collaboration musicale (qui sera publiée le 29 avril) :

Arnaud J. @arnaudj et Hairy Larry @hairylarry
Erin Moon @er1n et Esteban @estebanm
The Darling Invasion @fireh9lly et Rainbow Kitten @viTekiM
Hugh @y6nH et Mascha @masu

... (1/2)

#Musique #MusicCollab

I still love the drums on this track that I made with @MatheusRV for the first #MusicCollab 🎼🌈

Only a few days until we release the second collection of songs! 😀🐋

@estebanm @arnaudj @er1n @awhaleslantern

I don't write a lot of time but I follow you. I'm working on a thing now I call serialized rhythm where rhythm patterns of different length beat off of each other until thay fall back to the start point. So a four bar pattern in 4/4 and a 9 beat pattern generate 36 bars of rhythm, all different.

Thank you very much @er1n ! I've run out of time, so the first synth take is the one you heard at the end on the final track.

@hairylarry is the wizard who wrote the melody, he also recorded the piano and vocals. I made the drums, bass, organ and synth accompaniment.

I also really enjoyed the track @estebanm and you wrote, charming sounds, melody and overall ambiance! Fresh and original, and very intriguing as Mascha said! I would be interested by a "making of".

#MusicCollab @awhaleslantern

@arnaudj @er1n @hairylarry @awhaleslantern You have the full music sheet here, if you want: demiurgo.org/tmp/Drops.pdf

The original is arranged for guitar/bass because that's what I'm most comfortable with. But then @er1n did her magicks!

It's in 9/8. Originally I wanted to have a 4+4+1 feel but the bass and percussion ended up as a fairly straight "3/4" feel on top of the 4+4+1 in the melody. If that makes sense.

helpful reminder: art is not a competition


Taadaa: the cover for the next album, to be released on Sunday! 16 of your favourite Mastodon musicians banded together to make music in randomly assigned pairs, and I hope you're as excited to me to hear the songs!

@awhaleslantern @safertohatethem @sixohsix @luka @dogtrax @wohali @js0000 @JubalBarca @masu @y6nH @viTekiM @fireh9lly @estebanm @er1n @arnaudj

Now that I've been through a round I'm beginning to get the big picture. I was just enjoying working with Arnaud. But the whole project is a lot more than just our collaboration. I can't wait to see the bandcamp page and help promote it.

I just gave a talk about music ("How Music Works"). It went pretty good, I think! I explain very basic concepts (melody, scales, chords) and how they relate to each other.

I have a recording. I'll try to edit it a bit and I will upload it somewhere.

Traveling to a distant suburb to buy a synth, with cash. Forget online orders, buying gear in a shady alley is my style. 😎

Wondering about streaming as a substitute for company while I try to do some work. I'm a composer and not a visual artist, so would it be too boring?

Do you want to know where on the fediverse the artists that have submitted songs for the can be found? These are the instances:

A blog post reflecting on today's happenings at the #oer18 conference and a video of my workshop. wp.me/p4Ng5z-14n

I just ordered 20 cassette tape dubs of my new album. Special edition! For people who want a physical object to prove that they own a piece of my art.

Will also come with a download code for ergonomic listening.

To shorten the time until the next release of our on April 29, you can still listen (and download for free) our first collection of songs: awhaleslantern.bandcamp.com/al

Of every pair of the first release, at least one of the musicians will also be featured on the second one, in a different pairing!

Friends of the ocean! I'm very happy to announce the artist pairs that have contributed songs to the next edition of our project, to be released on April 29:

@arnaudj & @hairylarry
@er1n & @estebanm
@fireh9lly & @viTekiM
@y6nH & @masu
@JubalBarca & Michael Silverstone
@js0000 & @wohali
@dogtrax & @luka
@sixohsix & @safertohatethem

The songs are super diverse and beautiful, and I'm very excited to share them with you soon!

I will give a free download code for my last album to the first person who can tell me where this beautiful picture was taken. (MusicCollab people cannot take part, sorry.) CW: creepy puppet man eye contact.

Coming up with playlist orders is not my favourite activity.

yall the new @awhaleslantern album is amazing and i can't wait for it to come out!!

everyone submitted super cool creative tracks and it's gonna be SO MUCH FUN

SUPER EXCITED!!! (self promo) music in film trailer Show more