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The new (third!) A Whale's Lantern album is out!!

6 tracks by 12 of your favorite Mastodon musicians, who were put together in pairs at random. The results are as diverse as you would expect them to be :music_collab: 🎼

We hope you enjoy the music!

oddly enough
finding ABBA
interesting enough

shiny superficialities of lite classical divertissements

european cultural detritus of a previous time

why does anyone like anything?

A typical European car is parked 92% of the time. It spends 1/5th of its driving time looking for parking. Its 5 seats only move 1.5 people. 86% of its fuel never reaches the wheels, & most of the energy that does, moves the car, not people.

Something to lift your spirits on this foggy Thursday morning:

A Journey into Acoustic Leather Music: Dance from The Chordwainers

just finished a new song and it might be my favorite thing i've ever made

just gotta make the lyric video now.........

Leute, ich habe eine Altersweisheit für euch: Opfert euch bloß nicht für die Firma auf. Keinen Millimeter. Es wird euch nicht gedankt.

(Freundin hat immer 120 - ach was, 150 Prozent gegeben, hatte nun Hörsturz und längere Krankheit und bleibt auf einem Ohr taub - und jetzt kam die Kündigung. Arschlöcher.)

i hate drum solos
and ginger baker a miserable human being

and yet here i am
enjoying "toad" (2005 reunion)


I've uploaded a new piece of #music for a remix project @kiki started. Have a listen, and if you want the remixable stems, just ask.
#creativeCommons #nowPlaying #mastoMusic #glitch

listening to people with actual opinions about music argue about music makes me never want to consume music again in my life oh my god

all music debates boil down to people on both sides just saying "haha it's ok if you like it I just find X about it bad" with ever increasing intensity and abstruse appeals to whatever relevant work's music heritage, as if any good piece of music ever would be less good if it were made entirely by accident

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Little fluff ball needs your help!

This is Cassiopeia, former street cat, currently waiting in quarantine in Ukraine to be transported to me and my Mia Cat to Berlin, Germany. If you or anyone you know is traveling some time soon from Ukraine to Germany (Berlin/Brandenburg area) and would be willing to transport her, we would be forever grateful! She is ready to go, has all papers & vaccinations but travel right now is difficult.

(Posting this again with pic because you all love cat pics)


I came to mastodon/the fediverse because I believe in cooperation, learning and mutual support. Being a musician (of sorts), I also wanted to be a part of a musical community, and that's why I joined sonomu.

Last year I started a netlabel/project called Gömmaren/Gømmaren. Not sure what it will end up being, but the main focus, musically, is slow-moving music. A web site is on its way, but for now there's a BC page:

misc: neurodivergent, cat parent.


Decided I'm filtering out any toots with in them.

Friends, may I present to you: Clown Core.

Loud musical nonsense. But played with a lot of skill. Listen to the drummer's kick patterns. Wow.

Here's a picture of the little fluff ball, who is right now waiting in quarantine to be transported to me (see previous toot for more info). #catsofmastodon

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It's almost October, which is almost Christmas, which means that my a cappella trio needs new Christmas/winter songs! If you can recommend any three part arrangements/compositions (SAT/SAB/AAT/AAB), let me know! We are open to all genres, time periods, and difficulties.
#music #musicians

One of the things I try to do with #Gømmaren is to support and advocate for ethical musical practices. Streaming, for instance, might be convenient, but it's neither sustainable nor reasonable. A regular mp3 player, like the "classic" ipod, is a better alternative.

- no internet connection needed
- runs libre software -->
- upgradable & serviceable (literally everything can be replaced and/or modified)
- relatively affordable (50-100 USD/EUR depending on its condition)

Some of us in #clmooc are working on small pieces of Hope that we intend to pull together ... I created this piece over the weekend, with the soundtrack by myself; artwork by my friend Sheri; and the voice of Ruth Bader Ginsberg ...

I was asked what the future holds for Linux audio. So I've decided to make a video about 3 upcoming things I find exciting.
#LinuxAudio #FOSSaudio #MusicProduction #Linux #JACK #Ardour #VST3

Music Monday! This week, arpeggios (and note that next week it will be season finale!). I had mentioned before that chords are three or more notes played at the same time, eg. if you play E, G, and B at the same time, you are playing an E minor chord (try playing the three notes separately, and then press the "Highlight" button to play the chord):



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