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The new (third!) A Whale's Lantern album is out!!

6 tracks by 12 of your favorite Mastodon musicians, who were put together in pairs at random. The results are as diverse as you would expect them to be :music_collab: 🎼

We hope you enjoy the music!

@awhaleslantern Really enjoyed Window seat and Cosignal. I'd like to participate if you do it again, here's my latest sounds

Happy weekend, friends! :music_collab: 🌸

If you're looking for some music to listen to in the coming days, how about "Field Trip", our new collection of 6 random collaborations between 12 lovely Mastodon musicians?

You can listen, download for free and/or support the artists here:

Like, why should I use the structures of crapitalism to organise how I work? Quarterly goals? really?!

At the same time, I would like to not starve. But even that, in my work, means I need to focus on process more than productivity. It means I will need seasons of preparation and seasons of celebration and seasons of the long slow day-to-day rhythm of picking away at larger projects.

I ask this every once in awhile, and never seem to get an answer, but is there anybody out there who could record an oboe part for a song for me?

One of the people who have been on each of our three collaborative albums is @dogtrax - and he also has a blog! You can read about his most recent collaboration (and the previoius ones) here:

@MeTaL_PoU voilà le groupe de zik dont je te parlais hier : @awhaleslantern

@awhaleslantern hah! I really am the geographical anomaly here 😛

Here's a little map that shows where the artists who are featured on our third release of random music collaborations come from. You can listen, download for free or pay-what-you want here:

When my wonderful #MusicCollab partner and I were mulling over and pitching different ideas for Whale's Lantern 'school' collaboration (she had a great thought, early, about making a song with found objects from the classroom ... we never pulled it off), I had this other idea of using some recordings of my students working on game design in our Hacking Chess unit. We never used it, either, but I still think it had cool possibilities.

In search of ambient music, I tried to remember any musicians who made electronic music at all that I enjoyed at some point, and Zakladki was somehow the first that I properly recalled. And I couldn't stop listening to this album (still am), later I added S U R V I V E and got a brilliant combination. Anyway, I'm really enjoying it, you should check it out too: (one of the songs)

The whole culture is telling you to hurry, while the art tells you to take your time. Always listen to the art.
— Junot Diaz

Thanks to everyone who has already listened, downloaded and/or purchased Field Trip, our third album of musical collaborations between Mastodon strangers. 🌸 :music_collab: 💙

If you haven't listened yet, you can do so here:

A user discovered one of those amusing error messages that "only developers will ever see, so don't worry about it":

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