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The new (third!) A Whale's Lantern album is out!!

6 tracks by 12 of your favorite Mastodon musicians, who were put together in pairs at random. The results are as diverse as you would expect them to be :music_collab: 🎼

We hope you enjoy the music!

@Josey Hi Josey! I'm a pianist and synthesist out of Toronto. I do my own stuff as well as the occasional bit of soundtrack work.

I participated in @awhaleslantern this year and loved it. Met all sorts of great musicians and we chat about stuff regularly.

Welcome aboard!

@Josey People do share music and talk about each others' stuff here. There's also @awhaleslantern , which you might be interested in

If you are in #Pasadena and want to go to a #choral concert, one of my pieces will be sung at this one:

8pm PST Sat, December 15, 2018

St Philip the Apostle Church
151 South Hill Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91106


Great to see Mary on keyboard and Joseph on vocals for a change...

@Alonealastalovedalongthe You should definitely check @awhaleslantern 😉

Full disclosure: I have a track in each of the last two albums, but I don't get any of the money anyway because I declined.

I'd like to remind you that I released my third album, "Reflections", about a week ago. Maybe you'll like it. 💙🍁

#music #mastomusic #creativetoots

Today's performance postponed due to illness of one of the performers.

Need to send out a public mailout about it.

But I keep thinking how to prepare my tomorrow's live concert/performance.

For now I am thinking to combine a prepared collage in that is jack-synced with, and feeding audio to, where I have different live effects (controlled by... ?) and a interface on a touchscreen using some granulators and maybe other live effects and recorders.

is audio of a moaning person enjoying probably sexual pleasure ?

i mean, there are clear rules about images in the workplace. but is playing audio that to some degree applies to sexual pleasure also banned on a workplace?

Spent all of the day in a studio with my band recording cajon, synth, and guitar for our album. It's amazing how good things sound when mixed by somebody who actually knows what they're doing. #mastoart #musicmaking

Another fun studio thing: there's a pile of weird old synths in the storage room available for use. I asked for the strangest thing they had and got a Yamaha CS-20. I only used it for an eight bar solo but wow those are some wild bars. #mastomusic

"Learning Rush" by @estebanm and @RuminantShoppingCart is noisy, intricate, fast, and varied. If you download the album, you'll even get an alternate version, "Learning Rush Pop"! Listen here:

so, ive been struggling to learn how to figure out a song's chords by ear

today i learned "Fuck You" by CeeLo Green and it was reallllly fun and satisfying

i recommend this song because it
- has a loud bass
- no key changes
- p simple chords
- a lot of repetition
- a really funky bridge to figure out
- its rllly good

as i find other songs that are good beginner songs to learn ill post about them under the tag #TranscribeThis and you're welcome to join me

Day 2 of recording with the band is about to start! Yesterday, we recorded synth, guitar, and cajon for 13 songs, now on to the vocals! #music #creativetoots

Two things today:



Audio masterclass from personal invitation

I'm happy to be alive

#MastoMusic OK! The studio is once again fully functional. Took a day longer than anticipated, but I'll be able to start making that album starting tomorrow.

Only 29 days left to keep my promise for a new album in 2018!

Hi everyone. Who needs smiles‽ I do. Post your pets, drawings of fave animals, crochet of fave animals, pics of fave animals, other sculpture of fave animals & even your animal outside visitors that steal trash this weekend w :mastohi:

It's finally happened! Our new #soccermoms tape is online. 6 songs of #stoner #grindcore with massive bass, drums and shouts.

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