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β€œThe best measurements can’t be quantified. When one song takes root in the countless people who memorize it. When a chorus lifts a roomful of strangers up into a shared emotion. The soundtrack to a first kiss that’s able to stop lovers in their tracks decades later. The value of those songs lies in us.”

-- from Uproot (Travels in 21st Century Music and Digital Culture) by Jace Clayton (aka DJ Rupture), page 254

#MusicCollab resonations

Is FL Studio (FruityLoops) worth the price? My adolescent son with interest in music creation needs to take the next step forward with a DAW and I was wondering if friends in #MusicCollab and beyond have insights or advice. Thanks. Much appreciated.

After three days of teaching my clumsy gorilla hands to play the chords for my #musiccollab song, it occurs to me I should transpose this if I want to be able to sing it. πŸ˜–

@Riley Sort of like writing stories: learn from those who write -- look at structure, dialogue, character --
but then toss it all out into the yard when you get down to the stories you wanna write.

With music/song writing, I often feel as if my ear is leading me towards a safe zone, instead of guiding me to an experimental spot. I have to tug against my best intentions.


Two months ago, a few of us music-makers on Mastodon released these 4 songs, each of which is the result of a random collaboration. You can listen, download, and hopefully enjoy!


Dear #musiccollab, how do you name a chord that has a D# and an F and then an A#m7 chord on top of that? (Oh dear, what am I getting myself into??)

When I write songs I sometimes have not enough chords, and sometimes too many. So far my #musiccollab is going both ways simultaneously. Which is pretty cool and unexpected.

Much πŸ’™ to you all today because πŸ’™ is not only for people in committed relationships. I hope you all have some lovely tunes to listen to today.

I hope you all have a wonderful day with great music, whether you're listening or working on something!

Would any other Fediverse musicians be interested in a regular (weekly?) chat about how your work is going? Anyone interested in co-hosting?

@awhaleslantern A well-fuctioning band is not a solo-project.

@awhaleslantern Advice: Let go what you can let go of, and hold on to what you need to hold on to. #MusicCollab lives in the middle of all that, somehow.

Fun fact: We have participants from 16 different instances for the current round of the .

Long live the federation!

I'm gonna put my feelers out for a vocalist again!
I'm not really concerned about style/skill, I kinda just wanna make ridiculous/and/or/nice music with someone. I've been sampling evangelical preachers as vocalists ( baconhorse.bandcamp.com/ )
but I really miss fun/batshit musical collaboration.
Lemme know if you wanna be in a cyberband :)
#music #musiccollab #musiccollaboration #band

Is sending some choir directors and similar types a 'sneak preview' of a piece of mine that is being premièred on 18th Feb a) excellent networking or b) incredibly bad form? I have no idea how the etiquette works, here.


regularly pick from eno's oblique strategies

If you had to give one tip for collaborating on music, what would it be?

Mine: be open to see beauty in everything the other person comes up with.

Just recorded some guitar parts for my #MusicCollab! So far it's going very well, I think 😊🌸🎢🎼

anyone wanna collaborate musically?
I've been making this trash music:
https://baconhorse.bandcamp.comusing garageband and audacity, and sampling evangelical preachers as vocalists. But I think it might be fun to collaborate with a singer/musician online.
I got pretty excited the other week playing drums for some people, but had to pull out because I'm too broke to commit to weekly rehearsals :(
So lemme know if you wanna be in a CYBERBAND.
#music #band

@y6nH @masu

Alchemy is also a theme of an open learning experience some of us are doing right now. @wentale I love when projects connect unexpectedly like that #MusicCollab