long time no toot, have some mob psychosss.. i love doing linework and base colour on my ipad. I can sit in very bad posture as I draw 🙃

So delighted to have been a part of this project celebrating Suzuki Shou’s birthday ☺️ please check out everyone’s pieces in this beautiful website the team put together featuring a range of international artists:


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New here ! You can call me Pochan or Poch, I'm a freelance traditional artist. Nice to meet you all ! 😊

Here are some of my latest works ! I can only upload 4 for now but there will definitely be more to come ~

mastodon.art/media/S38GE7znMU2 mastodon.art/media/pXkI7Rc6cPt mastodon.art/media/9_2SVm-ufLA mastodon.art/media/tWTzUMtmPVV

A collection of drawings done with markers

Some originals I’ve made recently! 💪✨


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