I wrote a thing a couple days ago and forgot to share it here! It's about Twitter's developer rules. Is it art? I think it is! reading.supply/@avibagla/twitt

New art!!! A little video playing with night time lighting

From birdsite 

Ways to show power in email:
Use someone’s first initial because you don’t have time to type their name
Send an email then walk over and say “did you get my email”
Forward a massive chain with a subject “hey can you handle” with no clarity on what you’re reading

From birdsite 

RT @ihatejoelkim@twitter.com
Hello, if you cannot afford to see Crazy Rich Asians opening weekend because you are actually a very poor Asian, DM me a pic of your ticket receipt and I will Venmo you the cost of the ticket. Honor system, you better be broke. I’ll stop doing this when I decide to.

feels nice to be in mastodon again, hi everyone. no new art for now

Hi! Exploring this world because I'm an artist but I suck with my hands, so I make videos and programs so hi! Here's a piece I did if you wanna know what I'm like avibagla.com/soundandimage/


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