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(s2g sometimes I draw guys too i just can't find any pictures)

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oh man it's been a year since I did this? Here's ten of my favorite pieces from 2019

Something I saw on route 12 but couldn't take a pic since I was driving and no place to pull over. So I tried drawing it from memory. Small sections of the valley that the sun never touched had icicles forming.

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Grievous bodily harm (-) 

having a busted thumb sucks cos all I want to do until it heals is things that require opposable thumbs like tracing hand-turkeys and learning to play piano and, idk fencing or something

honestly getting run over by a bus was the only thing that could have killed this stupid phone, I'm just amazed that's actually how it went out

Well, let's just while away the moments, lean back on our elbow and watch the bobber for this one.

hoo hooo hooooo halloween avatar/name change complete >:]

Tonight's dinner conversation about unions, workers' rights and the value of protest has backfired completely.

I did this to myself. #DadOps

ok folks I got a lot of shit in my wips folder?? please tell me which one I should focus on actually finishing

I'm still pretty proud of this lineup of Sables I made when trying to figure out her look.

I ended up going a completely different direction stylistically, but this was still very helpful to decide how I wanted her to look in the end. ☺️

You can read the first chapter here:

#MastoArt #Art #CharacterDesign #OC #Sable #SableAndAster #Comic #Webcomic #MakingComics

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