I have a book published!! 'Tamlin' is an adaptation of an old Scottish folktale about possessive fairies and true love conquering fear - check it out if you like dark fairytales and queer love stories! ✨


Apps are still open for the Legend of Zelda zine I'm running! It will be a charity zine celebrating the amazing female characters in the series.

Artists, writers, and composers are all welcome!

🌟 INFO DOC: bit.ly/goddesszineinfo
🌟 APP FORM: forms.gle/QBd8JMY3fe5UMD7KA

My full piece for 'The Sea Unseen: A Marine Zine' - I had so much fun painting this harbour seal!! You can find the zine for $1 at gum.co/seaunseenzine

i'm opening five more commission slots! dm or email me if you're interested

Happy World Oceans Day!! Here's my preview for 'The Sea Unseen: A Marine Zine', released today to celebrate with all proceeds going to charity. Please consider checking it out!!

🐬 gum.co/seaunseenzine

all commission slots are filled! thanks so much everyone πŸ’›

a for _mimimaru who's celebrating 21k on insta!! this is her oc Badtz the witch with her bat-bunny familiar ✨

"Stay here in the forest! It's great! Loads of running, playing, eating, messing, climbing..."⁣
A little fanart of 'Wolfwalkers' by Cartoon Saloon

⭐ Tiger ⭐ A cat for my zine 'Wild Cats' ~ The tiger is the largest of all cats and can be found throughout Asia, where it has played a central role in belief systems for thousands of years.

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