⭐ Tiger ⭐ A cat for my zine 'Wild Cats' ~ The tiger is the largest of all cats and can be found throughout Asia, where it has played a central role in belief systems for thousands of years.

thank you so much to everyone who's followed me - i really appreciate it and it's lovely to meet all of you! sorry in advance for the reposts as i move instances - i'll make them as spaced-out and unobtrusive as i can πŸ’›

hello! i just moved instances so here we go again with an

i'm very friendly so please feel free to reach out and chat!

This is another old painting but one of my personal favorites. (Reposting since I moved instances. Also this makes me want to paint more clouds... πŸ€” )

aaaa it's so weird starting from scratch here, but hello new instance!! what is the etiquette of moving instances? should i boost some of my toots from the old account (i only made a few)?


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