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Hello! I'm Atrox. I'm an American animator and cartoonist and I like drawing cartoons! Here's the most recent piece I made!

A little influence map for Sarah. I took a lot of inspiration from cartoon characters I love, be it design choices, personality, way of speaking, etc.

Sketch commission of Optimus Prime. Never drawn an autobot before, but I had to give this legend a try!

Sarah on being asked if she's a furry.

A small clip from Bendy vs. Cuphead. A short I directed and animated for ScrewAttack's Death Battle X series!

Sketch commission for TCGamerboy2002. Scotty and Wanda enjoying an ice cream soda together! 🍨

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Hey bro, Happy Belated Birthday 🤣
Tsumi belongs to @atrox

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Happy birthday @atrox! Hope your birthday cake doesn't spontaneously come to life and start screaming before you eat it.

Colored sketch commission for FoxyToast. With friends like these, raking leaves takes twice as long!

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Day 6 and 7
"Sea Creature" and "Mythical Creature."
Tsumi is a kraken, and we're all in her ocean.

Tsumi loves inktober for the way folks use black ink. No need to get color involved.

Day 5: Plant

Tsumi loves flowers. Well, only the wicked-looking, carnivorous, dangerous ones anyway.

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