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Hello! I'm Atrox. I'm an American animator and cartoonist and I like drawing cartoons! Here's the most recent piece I made!

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Sarah and Tsumi dressed up as Palutena and Medusa for Halloween!

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A while back, I nabbed myself a new iPad and the Apple pencil because I had heard great things about their responsiveness, especially when using Procreate. These bunners were my first practice doodles, and I can confirm that Procreate is very fun to work with. (Featuring @atrox's Celie!)

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Here is Mahbrook, my ranger main 💕

She's the first of a serie of portraits I did to learn how to use Clip Studio Paint ~

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Quick little doodle of my , Scratch! I really enjoy his look even if it's extremely predictable given my character design sensibilities.

A Penny for CaptANaugi! She's so spunky, I love her!

Commission for Peppermycorn

One man's trash is another raccoon's banquet!

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