I think I can see a problem developing. I’m having a blast with Pokémon Sword and Shield. This Card marker is too much fun.

Here’s my 2009-2019. It's crazy to see myself as I was exiting my teens compared to now as I leave my 20s. I pretty much learned how to smile in pictures grow a semi-decent beard. Still, wear a lot of green.

Already loving this new series and it’s just the opening.
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Key Animation: Osamu Murata (村田理)
Source: Pokemon (2019) OP1

Moved to California
Started AND Dropped out of Art school
Wrote scripts for animated shorts
Got Married
Made over 100 OCs
Had my face used for a band shirt
Actually improved my relationship with both parents
Made some cool art friends
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there’s only ONE MONTH left in the decade. what have you accomplished?

Quick what are some good Photoshop brushes to try out? I want to import them in procreat and see how they work.

When you make it into the @Procreate@twitter.com public beta.

I relate to this on every level possible. Glad Tyler the Creator is out here showing us that being yourself is the best thing you can be.
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Tyler, The Creator accepting his Wall Street Journal: Music Innovator Award last night.

Man, sometimes muting people is the best thing to do in the morning. I really need to clean out who I follow.

Today I’m learning the lesson that just because I don’t agree with someone’s criticisms of person or a trailer doesn’t mean I’m right. And that’s ok.

Just hear me out for a sec... Hunter X Hunter fighting game.

Sakurai teaching smash players the secret " quarter circle" technique
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"I wonder why the Terry presentation is 45 minutes long"

Sakurai, for like 10 minutes straight:

New rule, you’re not allowed to make or share an “ ok boomer” joke until you are registered to vote.

This is my over-leveling ass going into the 1st gym in every Pokémon game.
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When you're in New Game+ and about to face the boss that was giving you crap in your 1st playthrough.


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