Yo! I'm AJ, an artist & writer. I'm currently working on a comic about heartbreak, dungeon-crawling & coffee.
I mostly talk about anime video games & my cats. I mostly post character designs and wips.
Instagram: instagram.com/atomokid/

Put this show on Netflix already!! The action on this series is so clean.
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Key Animation: Tom Barkel
Series: Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2019)


Release Prince of Egypt on Blu-ray, you cowards!!!!!

When the work playlist starts playing Frank Ocean.

Remember in Lion King 2 when we all find out that Simba and Mufasa are racist as fuck? That's pretty much what all my white friends are going through in 2020.

Two brothers hang out with their two dads.
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Describe your favorite adult swim show in the most boring way possible.

Question: what sketchbooks are people using? I’m just about done with my current one and always down to see what other people are using.

Spending the Fourth getting wine drink and listening to classics.

So while you’re grilling and setting fireworks, I ask that you really put some thought into what you want the future of this country to look like. Set a plan and commit. 3/3

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because we can’t do it alone. This country needs a lot of work. There will be countless uncomfortable conversations that need to be had. Now is not the time to shy away. Now is the time to put in the work. 2/3

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Before you go off and have fun today. Take some time and talk to yourself and others about what we want for the future of this country. Ask yourself what are you willing to do to make that happen. Ask yourself what you need to confront, sacrifice,let go of,educate yourself on 1/3

Just copped @CurbsideJones newest EP Gyakusou Vol.1 on Bandcamp. About to start this long weekend off right.

describe your mood for the past 4 months in a single picture
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describe your mood for the past 4 months in a single picture twitter.com/troubledmn/status/ t.co/Wau2oWh97J

This is best news!!! Mission Hill was a charming show but a spin-off focused on Gus and Wally is a dream come true.
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Thank you all for this enthusiasm! And thank you to those of you who want to work on the show! Right now it is just me and Josh and the studio and this 6 page document but if @hbomax @netflix @hulu or @adultswim wants to make a pre-emptive offer based on this thread, awesome!

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