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For my birthday, Kanye got me the most thoughtful gift of a lifetime. A special surprise from heaven. A hologram of my dad. ✨🤍 It is so lifelike! We watched it over and over, filled with emotion. t.co/jD6pHo17KC

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Featuring the iconic Disney characters, XFLAG partnered with Walt Disney Japan, upcoming mobile action game Star Smash (スタースマッシュ) open pre-registration now.
It will release on 16th Nov.

I'm AJ, an artist, and writer. I'm currently working on a comic about heartbreak, dungeon crawling, and coffee.
Instagram: instagram.com/atomokid/

These are first three that came up. O came across some forgotten gems while I was working today because of this.

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My wife keeps beating me in Bomberman and I’m both very proud of her and now want to look YouTube vids to get better at Bomberman so I can end her reign of terror.

Calling it now: Chapter 1000 of One Piece is gonna be the return of Orochi and the start of the Luffy’s fight with Kaido.

Make a Chao Garden mobile game, you cowards @SEGA

Me looking at my PS4 every time I play Ghost of Tsushima.

Let’s gooooo!
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This Miles Morales game looks sick!
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Son I’m crying!!! 😂😂😂

I've been watching too much Lupin the 3rd. Every story I write now is just gonna be a heist story with a car chase.

Saving a WIP as "final" knowing full well that "final-final" is coming when you wake up.

Every time I finish something and don't automatically post it.

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