Y’all the Mando got me screaming. This finally is so good.

Y’all @TeeKetch just made some amazing art of my OC, Joe! Go give him a like and a follow!
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Hey I’m gonna be doodling some mutual‘s OCs over the holiday break from work, so this’ll be a thread.

First up is this awesome dude from my buddy @ayejayisnothere

you can see the suggestion thread here:

Sometimes you just got to draw some covers for that comic you're always working on after getting 1000 followers in one day. GROUNDS in 2021. Thank you everyone for the support

Oh wow! Thank you everyone for all the likes, retweets and follows! I don’t have anything really to promote so maybe buy a print from an artist you like. Continue to support black artists.

Any who, here is what you all really came here for. Ollie says thanks for the kind words.

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This is good!!!
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sad Charlie Brown Christmas. used some @THEK0UNT and @kaelinellis drums on this as well as some of my own. Love this @moogmusicinc Minitaur bass patch i made as well. Merry Chrimuh .

Damn that Twitter crop really got me good this time lol.

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Fuck it! I was gonna finish-finish this later but I just wanna post it now (plus it is my birthday)! Really glad to finally get some of the ideas and scenes that I have out of my head on to paper!

Thanks again to @Garretthanna and his mentorship (seriously, it super great)

Thank you!!!!! Joe fan art is the best present!
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Yo, it's @ayejayisnothere's birthday! AJ is honestly one of the most sweetest and generous artists I have the pleasure of knowing. If you're not following him, go do that! He's been working on a comic about dungeons and coffee, and also did I mention I stan his character Joe?🥳🎉

Game developers: We are excited to show you a world that you have never seen before.

Literally has game set in medieval Europe

Super excited for this. Get ready to bring the tissues.
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Make sure you head over to Netflix this Friday! We thank you all for the amazing support. Please help me spread the word.


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If you like fighting games...watch this...my guy Alex vs Hugo 10/10 hype.

Check out my boy’s new video. Curb really out here making the dopest stuff.
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Ego Trippin
(Produced by @d_h_r_m_a)
Edited/Directed by Me
Shot by my wife
Stream via @YouTube- youtu.be/2LtWStoWAF0
Buy via @Bandcamp- curbsidejones.bandcamp.com/alb

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