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ʚ The Corpse Prince ɞ

Hello there! I'm Elias. Friendly neighborhood cryptic.

‣ NB-Masc (He/They)

‣ Loves writing stories, OCs, macabre, and many odd lil things.

‣ Current Interests: FF14, Although I'm multifandom!

‣ Also have commissions open, you can find more info on my carrd.

- Thinks this is a proper intro thread.

Please have my beloved OCs, Ignis and Solus!

🍬🌸 halfbody commissions for confettiparfait & bambeiis! I had so much fun drawing these cuties 😭💖💕✨

A recent oil painting, I love what oil does for depth and light in landscape paintings, trying to improve my skills! I just started painting about a year ago.
Forests are so magic and inspiring to me!

Back at it on experimenting with my chibi.

It's less saturated than when I usually draw them and i also fused my usual painterly flow with cellshade.

hello! i just moved instances so here we go again with an

i'm very friendly so please feel free to reach out and chat!

This is a little gouache painting I made for my favourite sister, one of the trees has a heart with her name carved into it :) the little shrines somehow turned out more western house than I was going for, but it's still cute.
#gouacheart #gouacheartist #mastioart #artwork #natureart #artists @aRtwork

I just want cis people to treat someone misgendering their trans loved ones the way they treat someone misgendering their pets

Commission for @eric . If you want me to 'do you a word', $30 USD plus postage for an A5 piece on 200gm paper ^.^

missy, missu, missubaby, mismus, mismusonet, The Miss, The Child, The Animal, devourer of cheese, terror of guests, biter of delivery people, She Who Slayed A Whole Shwarma And Barely Lived To Tell The Tale (commission for a client) #roninova

Oh right, forgot i did this.

Experimented with cool tones! The face and founder of atelier apricity.

tl;dr It's the closest anyone's going to get an artsona out of me.

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