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ʚ The Corpse Prince ɞ

Hello there! I'm Elias. Friendly neighborhood cryptic.

‣ NB-Masc (He/They)

‣ Loves writing stories, OCs, macabre, and many odd lil things.

‣ Current Interests: FF14, Although I'm multifandom!

‣ Also have commissions open, you can find more info on my carrd.

- Thinks this is a proper intro thread.

Please have my beloved OCs, Ignis and Solus!

Want to support me and get a mini print like these every month? I'm trying out new rewards on my ko-fi ✨
You can ask for a specific print, or let it be a surprise!

First completed piece of 2022! This one's a YCH for Windrider on FA, Kistaro is always a pleasure to paint 💙

Highfane illustration exploring the corridor of a forest of sparkling coral

Hes not a demon but people just mistake him as one. Hes a historian and a history teacher, wears gloves and make up to look normal aha

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recently watched madoka magica with a pal and I have digitally painted the awful little creature

i love him

festive ysayle! festive ysayle! this is what it's all about baby happy late christmas

Inprnt is offering 15% off this weekend, if you'd like an art print!
Boosts very much appreciated, thanks 💙

Good morning.
I took a walk in the park. The weather hasn't been good lately.

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