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ʚ The Corpse Prince ɞ

- Nb-Masc (He/They)

- Doing his best to get his novel published.

- Loves macabre and vintage

- Is pretty deep into OC hell

- Has no idea what he's doing with art.

- I'm pretty multifandom! A few of them would be Devil May Cry and Kimetsu no Yaiba.

- Thinks this is a proper intro thread.

Please have my beloved OCs, Ignis and Solus!

Hi!! I'm a digital concept artist based in Moscow, currently working as a storyboard artist in animation ✌️

I love worldbuilding, all sorts of
fiction, and I enjoy studying psychology and anatomy. I draw all sorts of things but enjoy drawing monsters, characters and my own headworld stuff the most!

You can find me on:

Thanks for reading 💜

Casually sketches a new OC. Not much background on him yet besides being named Zero.

His hair turns to flames when he's angry. His flames are white!

maybe I'll colour him some other time.

Jewel of the Sea, Rumor!
He's a red diamond and hostile to nearly every human being because alot of them tried to hunt him down for resources

Gonna draw probably one last mermay thing!!! I don't think i can squeeze in two but it'd be nice to draw either murmur or candor

Posting this i realize i forgot to put down my signature and atelier apricity in but
i can't be bothered so yeet

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Some chicken scratches of friends' OCs. I feel a little frustrated that when I decided to colour my hand tremors went yEET :'I
Mamoru's from hyperhurricane on birdsite
Cerise is @ramskulls !!
I'll probs digitize this at some point and draw in Cass and Wil to complete the batch.

On Twitter I feel like a bot. On Mastodon I feel like a person. It's so astounding how much a big corporation, promoted contents, ads, bad design choices and a desire to try to stand out can hurt, even if subconsciously, a social platform's perception. When you take all that away, and you're left with the core elements you need to virtually socialise, you end up with a platform that's out of sight and out of mind.

Sometimes self care is making really unforgiving cute art of your OC. Here's Tsukito again.

It's okay if you didn't get it all done today.

Facebook is the worst. They spy on you wherever you are and they try to lock you in.

Which is why it's so alarming that Facebook is going to buy Giphy for $400m.

Giphy isn't just a repository for cute gifs. They're the service that inserts cute gifs when you use Twitter, Tinder, Slack and Imessage. That means that an acquisition of Giphy is a means for Facebook to spy on you while you use all those rival products.


The sunbirds started visiting the new feeder for the first time today!

I was sitting about 5 feet away, we were both in the shade. After coming the first time, it came some five times in the next hour. If it's anything like the last time I had one of these feeders in the garden, it'll be bringing family and friends in no time.

Image alts: A small bird with iridescent green, blue, and red colouring and a long, curved beak drinking sugar water from a feeder with a red paper flower on the spout

Here's my of Phos from based on part of the opening sequence of the . It's from early 2018. I was still figuring out how shading worked (I'm STILL figuring out how shading works), but I'm very proud of the face and especially the "hair", which is made of a number of layers. It's got a very cool translucent look. I thought I'd shared it on this account already, but I guess not!

looking for more bi/pan/omni/ply men or transmasc NB people to follow. please boost.

I made a point in #cashflowforcreators of saying that it's okay for you to practice your craft for joy and that it didn't have to be a side hustle, or *any* kind of hustle. That joy is sufficient reason to do a thing.

Half of my first readers said they had never been told this. This makes me very sad.

If your art brings you joy, DO IT. Maybe you'll never make a penny off it, and that is totally OK.

Doing things for the joy of it is vital.

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