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ʚ The Corpse Prince ɞ

Hello there! I'm Elias. Friendly neighborhood cryptic.

‣ NB-Masc (He/They)

‣ Loves writing stories, OCs, macabre, and many odd lil things.

‣ Current Interests: FF14, Although I'm multifandom!

‣ Also have commissions open, you can find more info on my carrd.

- Thinks this is a proper intro thread.

Please have my beloved OCs, Ignis and Solus!

If you'd like to get a piece of art and support an artist, I've got lots of originals and prints available in my shop!
Boosts are super appreciated 💙 ✨

Turned one of my OC pair pin designs into an acrylic since enamel isn't possible and I am SOFT

overworked, no thoughts, child tsuki doodle time.
with a big bow on his head because mitsuhide, his dad, says so.

finished the squad
from left to right: cerise, waltz, heiwa, tsuki

Small vent; about my pronouns. 

Despite he/they being plastered everywhere on my socmed bios people really still manage to misgender me with she/her and at this point im about to charge them. (Especially this shop who i corrected TWICE im not a woman)

On purpose or not, it irritates me every single time it happens and i try to be understanding to people who didn't mean to but to those who do i will come out of your computer screen and headbutt you.

Goth husband and pastel wife but make the husband a literal shapeshifting nightmare.

This is also a redraw of my fave chibi piece from last year. I think i improved. _(:3/

the art community DOES incentivize overwork and burnout but really tho that's just because of the way capitalism values art in general.
Your skills and output has to be at the absolute top to be able to make a living. And getting to that level takes a MASSIVE amount of effort and time. if ur mediocre, ur fucked.

Hiya! Money is a little tight for me this month so I'm opening small commissions! If you're interested or have any questions, feel free to DM or email me! Boosts are greatly appreciated!! 💖💖

Nala's bike! and the last concept piece I did for the comic, now I need to work on the pages ✨

Speedpainted WoL Solus as a cooldown art from work

I'm a dummy and accidentally sold the yafaemi aiming top though >:I I really liked that top too.

Good riddance inktober, I can now focus on the true art challenge of October.

Not doing anything and actually resting without feeling the crippling need to keep up with an art challenge.

just some dragon draws before the month of dragons end. Not like that's going to stop me from drawing more of them.

Ft. Portrait of Umbra and baby dragon solus/ignis. either of the twins work lol.

YUGIOH CARD OF THE DAY (08/24/2020): Chaos Goddess

I don't think I need to really comment on her aesthetic, I'll let whoever wants to do that do that themselves. It's just good.

It's too bad that she's not really good enough to be used in the Chaos archetype these days, though.

today's illustrated haiku, CW for food 

I've never wanted to be one of my own characters so much

cute lil doodle of 's tsuki

ive been having a lot of fun w this soft n loose style lately :3

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