I get to finally see the demon slayer movie i'm so excited!!

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✨ Main illustration of Jewelry Bonney in "Women! Wanted Zine" ✨

I was the illustrator for Bonney in this fanzine centered around women characters of manga !
It was my first fanzine experience ever and I'm really proud and glad I applied at first haha
This is the main of the double-page I worked on.

:happey: Check out for leftover sales at linktr.ee/WomenWantedZine

wip for mermay. I plan on making a few mermaid themed adopts 🤔 we'll see what i come up with

I might have to go to a dentist soon. my teeth get weird tingles sometimes

First adoptable I placed in my ko-fi shop!

She's first come first served so the minute she's bought in the shop she's gone for good!


slowly refining what Catalina looks like, and i'm being pleased with the end outcome but it's getting to the point i can draw her features without a ref 😳

working on family portraits is wild but also very nerving to me cause i feel like imma mess it up 😭

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Getting this adopt ready to sell off :'D
part of my magical girl series. I got one left to design and then i'm officially done with the series woot

Another commission done woot '-')9 drew my friend's oc and i'm not 100% happy with the wings but nothing a little practice can't fix :)

Good afternoon everyone 👋
Waiting on dinner atm but I am curious, do you enjoy meals with noise in the background? like a tv show or movie or do you prefer to eat in silence?

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Sharing a list of online bookstores I know about so you don't have to buy from Amazon or B&N (EXPAND) 

McSweeney’s, independent nonprofit publishing company

Detritus Books

Firestorm Coop, collectively-owned radical bookstore

AK Press, worker-run, collectively-managed, anarchist publishing and distribution

Thriftbooks, huge independent bookseller, sells new and used books for good prices

Fellow Traveler, bookstore owned and operated by Listen Left Audiobooks

Small Beer Press, publisher of fantasy and literary fiction

Left Wing Books, publisher and distributor of radical books and pamphlets

Bookshop⁣.org, online bookstore with a mission to support local bookstores

#book #books #bookstore #online #boycottamazon #indie #independant

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Finished a commission for my friend :D I had a lot of fun drawing a father-daughter duo!! It's always nice to draw family pieces, especially soft ones.

Oh yeah! I forgot to state that i'm artfol too 😂 i've applied since beta testing and it seems pretty cool :]

i'm so close to finally upgrading my pen tablet to finally have a battery free pen 😭

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If I open up commissions on my Ko-fi :ko_fi: , would you be interested ?
:boost: Vote & boost please :boost:

I'm thinking traditional fullbody or waist-up. And digital headshots or bust-up.
OCs or One Piece, She-Ra or Steven Universe fanart.

✨ Examples in next toot.

Colored in one of my fav ocs Catalina :') I currently got brain worms because of this lil witch

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