I need to get my sleep schedule back on track. I sleep so late but wake up so early 😭 i feel like I barely experience the day when i still feel drained that I have to nap

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Just like in martial arts, conveying power is a matter of chaining things together.

I haven't posted in a while so take another wip from me 😭

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Hi everyone!

Introducing myself in this great instance: I am a writer (Spanish) and recently a gamer-videogame theory enthusiast, althought I've been gaming all my life. I have a blog (Spanish) about this subject regarding ludopolitics and philosophical perspectives on gaming.

I also love art and am studing a PhD in Modern Literature. If U like U can know more about me in my gemini capsule (profile).

Looking forward to meet nice people and sharing thoughts!

gif, moving animation 

I'm working on a tiny animated screen for a friend's podcast. I'm rusty cause it's been a long time since I've toyed around with Clip studio's animation features

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Stay cool tips! 

🧊 make block ice with a big plastic container. You can place this in a pan in front of a box fan for added cooling

🧊 Go somewhere that has AC and doesn't mind you hanging out a while. The library, the movies, a grocery store.

❄️ Wear loose comfortable clothing that breathes..natural fabrics like cotton

❄️ Block the sun coming in with blackout drapes. Failing that, the old college dorm trick: aluminum foil. Shiny side out.

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one of the drawings I tried out with the tablet :D I'm getting the hang of it slowly so hopefully i'll be rendering big boi stuff soon

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Is it a a good alternative to the ipad tablet? I haven't had one myself but budget wise it is certainly better. The pen does not need any form of charging which is a major plus in my book.

The thin issue is just what bugs me the most honestly. Especially since I do not want to get a strain injury from drawing with it too much. Which is ironic cause it's fun to draw with it, I just wish it was more ergonomic.

Also you get 6 months free of clip studio paint '-'

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Ok so my review of the samsung tab s6 lite:

This is my first time essentially using a general tablet for drawing. I have had a display screen before which was a miss overall for me.

While I do enjoy the tablet, the pen is very strange for me? I never had a pen with a rubber tip point so it took a bit to get used to but it does help stabilize how you draw. I am considering buying an alternative though cause I'm used to hard plastic nibs 😂 but the pen is TOO thin imo.

I got a samsung tab s6 lite 😳
Give me a bit to get used to it and i'll get back to ya'll on it.

Testing out new brushes + coloring styles. We'll see how long I stick to it 🤔

I just learned that there's people who live on disney property....ya'll paying in the millions for that???

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Another doodle! Lectures, where you just have to listen, are just best for such drawings for me.

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