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I'm Sari! I'm an nb digital artist from Germany. I love fantasy and scifi original art and fanart, and i try to draw as much as possible. I also stream sometimes.

Looking forward to finding new artists and seeing all their posts chronologically 😋

Feel free to suggest me your favourite accounts to follow as i'm rebuilding my profile!

Also my current interests:

Only the middle of December, but i will only draw some more secret santas this month, sooo here goes! for this year. I got all colorful and saturated in Summer and toned it down again towards winter. x) It was an eventful year.

Finished it!! The war super hard to do, but fun!! I really love the new season. <3

Have a WIP of the fanart i'm currently working on :)

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hello! I'm aliza, and I make demon street, a comic about kids exploring a shattered fantasy world and about inhuman creatures learning what it is to be a person

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Good morning everyone!! Thanks for all those followers i gained last night, its so good to see you all!
I only posted a preview of this before, so here is the full thing! I'm trying to get back into regular streaming schedule soon!

I made an extra illustration for this years calendar and it was nice to make something without a background :)

Another calendar piece! This one is featuring a few dnd characters in a new setting. Fits the space theme, doesnt it 😂 Oh yeah, the overall theme is "collecting".

Another calendar piece! It's in print now, i'm super excited D:

Thanks everyone! Wordpress seems to be a popular Go-To and i will try it out today :3

New piece for the calendar! Had a lot of fun with the colors with this one. :)

Back from Japan after four weeks! Hope you guys are doing well! I'm quite tired and happy to have my own bed back, but i will definitely be inspired from this vacation for a looong while. x)

I am still in Japan but heres a sign of life! Some recent pages :) How are you guys doing??

Sketchbook pages from my Japan trip. I'm in Tokyo right now, waiting out the typhoon rain and winds... x)

I will be in Japan for a month, starting tomorrow. Any tips? We'll be around a lot with the rail pass, only on Honshu though.
I'll probably be online every now and then, but dont expect quick answers. :3

I really love angels, so i'm planning to do a zine with them for next year. Let's see how many i can draw. :) This is from March!

So many new followers, thanks everyone!! I hope you're having a great day!

I'm currently working on calendar pieces for 2019. Here's the first full piece, themed "Collecting".

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