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+ (selfportraits-2020)

A queer artist, she/her, a cancer, a pearl.

I make zines&art on queerness, intersectional feminism, radical vulnerability, self awareness. Love projects w/friends! Also analyzing pop culture, tropes, social extend etc.

I prefer animation to live action (steven universe&utena all time favs), comics, videogames, fav colour is blue+i have 10 plants on my balcony! i want a future with friends around me, doing creative stuff!

Mildly nsfw//fully clothed 

Hi hello, my new hobby is called "when i'm upset i draw hot sketches of victuuri" and this works great thank you very much

Really really excited about how this commissioned piece is turning out! (Thank you for letting me share this process to the world😊)

Me, when i have absolutely no projects, no commissions etc: "uuuuugghhh no inspiration"
Me, with commissions, and 2-3 upcoming collabs: "i have this new idea for that irrelevant extra thing!!i really should start working on it before i forget!! Yay!"

Uploading some hourly comics (but a day after) .
I'm kind of inactive here, the last weeks, bc of the lack of interaction i think? But wanted to share this anyway 😁

@sneakysnek @mildpain @trstnn @stonerzines @UnicornClutter

Hi dears, i made a discord for the zine hangout you can join here--> and there we can arrange everything <3 You can also invite any zine friends if you want, of course :)

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It's been a while since i made a zine, i guess it's all that isolation and the absence of zine events too :/ i miss my zine friendss

a bit of a nude boob 

couple under the eye of saturn ♄

that's a drawing a did for a friend last year ~ she loves aliens

Ec, portraits 

Another sketchbook page where i'm experimenting with faces and misc markers. Some of them are from reference, some not. I'm including the whole page (my least favorite bottom left) bc:

it's ok to not always like your work.
It's ok to have inconsistent style.
It's important to have fun along the way :)

Comic about online dating, mention of sex 

This is a comic I made in 2016 when my friend was really busy with online dating. I wasn't really familiar with it personally because I had an old phone for the longest time, but I was enjoying her stories. This is all real, I'm not making anything up. Always wondering about the ethics of what I do but I figure its ok to laugh a bit with those guys.

#comics #onlinedating #mastoart

Hello! We are new here. We are a DIY collective based in Namur, Belgium. We run a screenprinting / linocut workshop, and love to make zines!
We still have to figure out how this mastodon thing works, but feel free to come by and have a chat! Cheers. Jerome/Harmony


Somewhere a pearl exists that is tired of serving their diamond all the time 😌

just in case you need a reminder:
- are you breathing properly?
- how's your posture? do some stretches maybe?
- have you had enough water?
- when's the last time you ate?
- do you have something fluffy to cuddle?

That's my mood right now ^_^

~This will be in a colouring book i'm working on, i want to fill it with wholesome cute illustrations :heart_sp_bi: ~

I drew this in a digital illustration course, when I first started using procreate. I was quite heavily influenced by the teacher's drawing style, and it shows.. but i really enjoyed the theme, which was:
Taking something from real life and combining it with a dream. So for a few days you write down what you dreamt about and what has happened to you irl and then you find nice pairs.
It's nice to use when you get stuck (maybe could help @asparagus_the_common ?)

Your art is valid, a kind reminder to whomever needs this.

What you express is a part of your soul, it may not be for everyone, but it still matters. Expressing it is brave.

This is an oldie, from 2018, back when my lines were wobblier, and my self-esteem lower. Still struggling but getting better :)

a poem 

i know now

i know who is soft with me and who is not;
and i can see even sometimes
who is soft with themselves

i don’t need
more roughness
i already have a plenty
in my life

i finally
what i need

and it’s hella scary ~

cause all the things i thought i need
don’t feed me anymore

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