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Seen to many toots, wanna do one too!

Hi, I'm Ashnee, I'm stupid:D
I'm surviving in Italy atm, while waiting for things to get better. I'm a bit of an orphan, abuse survivor and have a hard time coping with stuff.

I like working on my bullet journal, but I should focus on getting back to draw.
❀️ my bf and Ra 🐱

Preaching for a libre world with lots of foss

Waiting for new pc to get back to my videos and learn stuff πŸ“š

Pls be my friend I'm lonely çwç

How does one choose a coloring and shading style digitally?
I've been messing everything up since 2006 (when I started with digital art). I constantly see artists doing awesome stuff and I'm here unable to decide how I want that fucking sofa to look like

Invoker, on Dota's Dragon Blood: "What has no name, cannot be known. What cannot be known, cannot be hurt."
Yeaaaah, sure thing CARL

Me: I finally got back to drawing almost every day
My body: THAT'S GREAT - here! Have a tendinitis!

[mute toot]

I really should record videos for youtube again. Now that I have a great microphone and somewhat decent gpu, I can do it without any problem, but then again life here is completely gone and it's hard to juggle between nothing and nothing.
I low key miss being a night owl, at least I was able to get some shit done - now I feel bad waking up late even though I have nowhere to be. Meanwhile everything is piling up and it's overwhelming.

Besides, both cis and trans are today shamed for showing whatever human emotion because of HORMONES.
Stop taking them/go take the pill!!!!"

fuck off

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Am I alive? That's debatable.

I'm just here to remind you all to not use the word "hysteria/hysteric" and so on. Since 1850 b.c. until 1970 it was a serious diagnosis that oppressed women of all ethnicity, age and status.

"Ah but today it means something different"
Yeah it's been use as an oppression tool for TWO THOUSAND YEARS. Realize that the n-word has been racially oppressive for less time, but it still hurts.

Same goes for hysteria/hysteric etc. Get over it.

😑 NFT - I'm in total ideological conflict with the idea AND the technic.
Today I saw my art " Yin and Yang of world hunger" (license: CC non commercial/non derivative) on OpenSea platform posted by someone. What a shame. #nftart is open door to all type of scam...

#nft #capitalismenumΓ©rique #cryptoart #nfts #blockchain

I saw this toot the other day, but it didn't resonate enough in the art community.

What happened:
David Revoy, a french artist known for his completely open source comic, found that one of his CC-BY-NC-ND pieces has been posted in an OpenSea platform (nft art - blockchain) without permission. It's somewhat resolved, but still it's awful.

NTF are usually scams, on top of being extremely harmful to the environment.

We all know about cyberpunk, but what about cyberegyptian?
Like glorious columns and obelisks with leds stripes showing hieroglyphic coding
That'd be amazing

I spent half of yesterday's trying to have a decent music player because I swear Elisa is a joke.

Audacious obviously didn't work well in the gtk version and I hate the winamp.
Then I remembered that the kubuntu music player was a different one: Cantata. On the distro's website it's described as the default player.

It's so default you can't even install it via terminal!
I had to use an unofficial ppa to install it, the github has no info so I suppose one should compile it themselves.

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I swear it's really nice to have Krita installed and being able to relax because you can use kdenlive but...

For fuck sake I had to manually install three fucking different types of language packages after trial and error because the fucking distro is actually English only - even when installing it in Italian there are TONS of stuff missing!
And there's no way to understand what was missing.
Was it the system's language pack? The grammar one? Or libreoffice?

It was all of them.

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After various hours of me being blasphemous as only an Italian can be thanks to Kubuntu and having teary eyes because of "To Zanarkand" (ffx ost), I downloaded Mint 20.10. Fuck it.
Didn't last much, I know.
Problem is that KDE, aside from being really stable when it comes to graphic softwares, is a complete and utterly disaster.

Plus it feels like they're fucking with you.
"Kubuntu, friendly computing" my ass.

A thought that helped me a lot to get less and less depressive crisis is "at least you live in Italy and not in US".

This is not a wholesome story, this is not some heart warming tale. This is a capitalist dystopia.

#capitalist #dystopia

Habemus Kubuntu!
I won't tell you about my odyssey with trying to install it manually, just know that I have it and it works.
I'll finally be able to draw and study 3d modelling.
Also, I may have overdone it when it comes to space. I pretty much have 4,8 tb of space between several disks...

People sharing their workspace and I'm here with just a desk, a pc with an open case and a big smile on my face with teary eyes

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