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Hi there! I'm Ashley Mackenzie, a freelance illustrator with an interest in making thoughtful conceptual images. Some of my clients include The New York Times, Scientific American, Amazon and Tor. Though my main focus is editorial work I also enjoy designing stuff for games and books.

You can find all the places to see and support my work below!


Going to be doing some more work on my Cleric Beast drawing today, mic and music on, come hang out!

Doing a little warm-up stream today drawing a Cleric Beast, mic and music on, come hang out!

Streaming for a bit, sketching and maybe starting up a piece, mic and music on, come hang out!

It's been awhile, getting back into the swing of things with some Saturday night sketching! Mic and music on, come hang out!

Starting up a little evening stream of sketches just for fun, mic and music on, come hang out!

It's been awhile! Going to be streaming some poster thumbnails and maybe some pin designs later, come hang out!

It's been a long few weeks so I'm winding down with a little Hollow Knight tonight! (it might even be time for the final boss) mic and music on, come hang out!

Last month we hit 25 subs on Twitch so today I'm doing a terrible art stream drawing Pokemon from memory! It starts around 1PM MT (right now!), subs can request a Pokemon, it should be a great time!

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