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🌱✨Tove, The Weather Witch✨🌱
‘Water and a little sunshine, that’s all you need to grow’

👁✋In the Clutches of Anxiety🤚👁
‘This goes to all the thoughts that paralyze me,
because against all odds, I keep on shining’

(I imagined this while I was sick, so the blame for this weirdness goes to the flu😅✨)

Here are the first 3 pieces of my Llamacalypse series✨

It’s a series of illustrations based on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse💀⚔️🧑‍🚀
Here are Death, War and Conquest. Only one more left! :D

✨🦊Urban Fox Spirit🦊✨

(Not feeling great about my art but here’s a little something from a sketch of an old character design🧡)

🌑From the Shadows comes the Light✨

(Well, you got me! This was just an excuse to draw one big horse😆And drawing horses is not my forte, but I like this one!)

✨’Portrait of a Young Witch in Training’✨🐈

This is for an art challenge on Twitter. This one was more difficult than I expected but still, I had much fun drawing it :D

Making new art this week’s been difficult😅
So today I’ve collected here all the illustrations from my ‘Winds’ series. They are images inspired by the way the wind plays with the hair.
Which one’s your favorite?✨🙃

✨Dragon Bites. A random dragon doodle...✨
It’s been some time since I last drew one of these creatures ;)

🌿The Master of the Forest🌱

This has been on my mind for some weeks now. Drawing bears is hard but I managed to finish it! :D

(PS: I’m gonna keep drawing boys hugging dangerous animals. It’s a thing I do now ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ)

Ok, I know this is weird. I only wanted to draw some wings. Did I go too far?👁✨👁

The Color Thief🌈✨
‘The rainbow sword is broken, yet its guardian clings stubbornly to it. It’s still glowing.’

~Winds 03~
✨The changing and unpredictable wind that blows in places where warm and cold currents collide✨

🐍✨Family Matters✨🐍
‘A family that fights together, stays together.’

Working on a new illustration✍️I still don’t know where I’m going with this one. What’s she looking at?✨

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