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Hey, art lovers!🌈⭐️

Know you can support my art in different ways:
✨I sell quality prints of my colorful art on INPRNT
✨I have a Kofi page if you want to buy me some coffee
✨Favs and boosting are cool too! :)

(Links below👇)

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This weird astronaut is giving me strong book cover vibes so:
How would you title this book?🧑‍🚀✨

🤲The Value of Self-knowledge 🤲

‘Stand back from all the clutter,
It’s time to open your eyes’

(Hello! I’m back!👋😌)

A Raven Thought and A Raven Memory
Illustrations I did based on Odin’s ravens, Huginn and Munnin. They fly all over the world to bring him information.

☀️Faces of the Sun☀️
I can’t stop thinking these two illustrations belong together in some way.
I just love the contrast they create!😌

I’ve been really busy lately but I found some time this evening to draw a sketch for
I’ll color this one in the future, I like how they look :)

Hey people! What are you reading now?
Something interesting?

✨💜Beautiful from the Inside💜✨

I had this one on my mind for quite some time and I’m glad I’ve finished it today :)

I just got a new iPad stand and I can already tell it’s going to change my life :)
Bye bye, shoulder pain!👋

🔗The Burden of Self-Doubt🔗

‘It bites and screams ‘til you can’t hear nothing more.
But you have to fight it and make it cry tears of gold’✨

🌸🌼Here’s Lady Spring to wish
you a very nice Spring vacation!🌸🌼

(This illustration was inspired by those funky, colorful lava lamps. Hope it is not TOO weird😆)

Working on someone new for the first time in weeks✨✍️
(I still have much to do and lots of colors to choose :D)

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