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‘My mind, full of thoughts I can’t contain.
They explode all around, shards of knowledge and sensation’

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This is one of the last traditional ink drawings I made✨

It was inspired by one of my favorite songs by Sonata Arctica.
So today I decided to color it to make a fake single cover😌


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✨Stranded on the beach... in a dream...✨

An illustration for Mermay and first time painting the sea :D

Am I really prepared to go through the Hades rabbit hole?

I finished Blasphemous yesterday and now I’m looking for what to play next. Any good games for the Switch I should know about?

✨Unfold from the Chrysalis✨

‘Split your soul and welcome the transformation,
Embrace your true self, don’t fight.
Better things are coming’😌

Reading about the process of metamorphosis of butterflies and moths wasn’t a good idea.
I mean, it’s very interesting and all, but I’m getting a bit traumatized👀😅

This Blasphemous game is fun but I still don’t know what’s going on😅
The aesthetic is so cool tho

✨🌱‘Surrender to the Earth’🌾✨

Thinking about a god/goddess of harvest that offers their tears to water the fields and grow plentiful crops :)

🎉Happy New Year everyone!🎉
I hope all your wishes come true and you have a great 2021!😌

My best art of the year✨
Let’s end this year on a positive note! :)

Which months are your favorite?💚


✨Merry Christmas everyone! :D✨
I hope you all have a nice day😊

🙌My Eternal Light🙌
‘They try to silence me, to smother the light of my true self.
But I resist, everyday’

(Alternate title: So many hands!😭)

💀⚡️Electrical Shock Warning⚡️💀

Second one of the signs! This one’s a variation of the first :D
You must be bored of me already, I’ll stop drawing skulls now😅

⚠️Toxicity Warning⚠️
I’m drawing some hazard warning signs in my style for fun.
What do you think?🙃

It’s the Brainsmoothie!🧠😋

The spooky month is just around the corner so I wanted to give new life to an old design.

Which colors do you prefer? I can’t choose!😱

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