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💀⚡️Electrical Shock Warning⚡️💀

Second one of the signs! This one’s a variation of the first :D
You must be bored of me already, I’ll stop drawing skulls now😅

⚠️Toxicity Warning⚠️
I’m drawing some hazard warning signs in my style for fun.
What do you think?🙃

It’s the Brainsmoothie!🧠😋

The spooky month is just around the corner so I wanted to give new life to an old design.

Which colors do you prefer? I can’t choose!😱

Yay! I finished the challenge for @ geeksarecool on Twitter!
I loved drawing it. I hope you people like it too! :D

Here’s my version and the original for comparison ✨

Expressing myself through my art is the only thing that’s keeping me sane right now, so here’s another work in progress :P

Anxiety is kicking my ass these days but at least it serves as inspiration for my art🙃💙

Here’s this little creature :D
A bee in a raincoat sitting on a flower waiting for the rain to stop🐝✨✨✨

🌱A Matter of Life and Death🍂

(Somehow, I managed to cram 3 of my favorite color palettes in a single illustration. I just couldn’t choose one!😆)

What is this? Me, drawing men for once?
The heat must be really affecting me😆
(I like it tho👀)

♌️✨The Lion Roars Within✨♌️

Back to the zodiac signs! :D
I fixed this illustration because I wasn’t happy with it when I first posted it.
What do you think?🙃

⚡️🧠The Threshold Reveals Itself🧠⚡️

I decided to make another version of my illustration ‘Looking for Eureka’. This time with a dark, ominous doorway included😈

What does it mean? Where does the doorway lead?👀

🌱🍃Wings of Stone, Heart of Sorrow🍂🍁

Don’t worry, this is only the first part of the story. I want to draw them again and I promise it will be beautiful :)
Oooh how I missed painting illustrations with this green!😌💚

✨🦷The Tooth Fairy Goes Hunting🦷✨
Visits to the dentist will never be the same...

(This cheeky critter surprised me this morning and discovered I actually like drawing teeth😬)

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