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👁🔥The Burnout🔥👁
‘I’ll keep trying, until there’s nothing left of me but ashes’

(This is me these past few weeks. Not being able to draw has been killing me😝 But I’m so happy with my art today!👏😊)

✨🦊Urban Fox Spirit🦊✨

(Not feeling great about my art but here’s a little something from a sketch of an old character design🧡)

🌑From the Shadows comes the Light✨

(Well, you got me! This was just an excuse to draw one big horse😆And drawing horses is not my forte, but I like this one!)

✨’Portrait of a Young Witch in Training’✨🐈

This is for an art challenge on Twitter. This one was more difficult than I expected but still, I had much fun drawing it :D

Making new art this week’s been difficult😅
So today I’ve collected here all the illustrations from my ‘Winds’ series. They are images inspired by the way the wind plays with the hair.
Which one’s your favorite?✨🙃

✨Dragon Bites. A random dragon doodle...✨
It’s been some time since I last drew one of these creatures ;)

🌿The Master of the Forest🌱

This has been on my mind for some weeks now. Drawing bears is hard but I managed to finish it! :D

(PS: I’m gonna keep drawing boys hugging dangerous animals. It’s a thing I do now ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ)

Ok, I know this is weird. I only wanted to draw some wings. Did I go too far?👁✨👁

The Color Thief🌈✨
‘The rainbow sword is broken, yet its guardian clings stubbornly to it. It’s still glowing.’

~Winds 03~
✨The changing and unpredictable wind that blows in places where warm and cold currents collide✨

🐍✨Family Matters✨🐍
‘A family that fights together, stays together.’

Working on a new illustration✍️I still don’t know where I’m going with this one. What’s she looking at?✨

~Winds 02~
🔅‘The hot dusty wind that blows from the desert sands and canyons’🔅

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Raise your hand if your style is inconsistent as hell and you are totally okay with that because trying new things feels great and experimenting is awesome!

Here are some illustrations part of my Pathology series. They’re inspired by various symptoms and conditions. These are: Migraine, Photophobia, Tussis and Crystal Bones✨

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