huh, I should probably make an intro, shouldn't I?

While I was gone from here, I finished the redesigns for the main cast of my project! I hope to do more work with my babies soon~

Here's another of my girl Dani, jumping off a building to slay a beast and save her friends ✌️

SO! Brushing the dust off this account since I see the interface looks a lot cleaner. Looks like I haven't updated in quite some time, so here's something I did a while ago. My Dungeon World character Danica Wheeler, at the start of our campaign!

What up, almost forgot to post this here. I did a fun thing where I took the idea of a limited color palette (mostly reds) and a tarot card composition (specifically The Hanged Man) and made this! I love Eraserhead so I did him first, but I'm planning on doing a few others as well. Next is Present Mic~
This piece is available on my redbubble:

❀ you'll be okay, friend ❀
Just a little somethin' that I doodled for fun. And also to get some feelings out of me.

Hey everybody, it's time to talk about my second project: a webcomic called "See You, See Me" 🌟 It's a story about magic, mythical creatures, making new friends, and journeying through adulthood. I'm still working on the script, but here's preview of our main two protagonists, Jo Park the human, and Monroe the elf~

Hey, do you like shows like Critical Role, The Adventure Zone and RollPlay? Do you like diversity in the media you consume? Do you like sticking it to The Man™? Then I encourage you to check out a project I'm in called "Long Live The Dungeon." In it, I play an elven anthropologist named Dr. Camilla Marinus who uses her intelligence and her skills in nature magic to-- Well, listen and find out!
🌟 🌟

Here's a design I made for a beer label contest at a local brewery. I didn't win, but I'm still proud of the result! It was for a milk and honey stout, at a D&D themed event~

Ugh, file sizes suck on here. Makes everything look nasty :c

Eh, why not? A fairly recent drawing of my next character, Danica Wheeler. She's a half-elf rogue with a complicated family and tons of medical issues, but's she's hella cool and super chill about it ✌️

I'm still not sure if it's better to just have the one instance for following and posting, or if it would really be better to have both a social instance and an art instance. Any advice?

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