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My DnD character Val, they're a Genasi stripped from their air powers but gained The Way of the Long Death via this Mark of the Raven. It's a homebrew story and they don't usually show this much skin but I like the idea of their tattoo.

Some doodles from the last two weeks. I want to draw a new pic of the vampire characters of my old group and because current lack of time this will have to do for now. But soon... Soon! :D

hey y'all!!!! im so sorry. ive been busy with work and school. but meet my daughter Stella!!! she's my first dnd character. She's a tiefling grave cleric who uses physical attacks to heal lmao

Aaand last thing for now! I absolutely love the texture this rough cotton paper gives my watercolours. 😍

Comic for my design class. For some reason posting this online, butchers the colour palette. Oh well.

the Pond God is finally finished 🙏
he debuted at the con last weekend, and he'll be up in my store ( in a couple weeks!!

some fashion doodles! based them on muslim wedding dresses and pre-colonial tagalog dresses respectively ✨

yeah they gay, keep scrolling

also i based the colors of their outfits on the pansexual and nonbinary pride flag :tialove:

Hello!!! I took a break from drawing since it's defs taking out a lot on me and my current job ;;;;

Anyhoo, here's a 2018 vs 2013 redraw!!! It was an art of my ocs as Shaytan and Layla from Seisen no Iberia!!

hello!!! sorry i havent posted any art!! i just finished my school term and have been rly burnt out for the past few days ;;;; here's a doodle!!!

Hello, here's something different: a hair process!!! A lot of people apparently liked the way I drew hair, so I made this to share with my friends on the bird site!!! Hope this helps some of you guys too!!!

***reposted bc it got rearranged on tootdon??? Hopefully this uploads in the correct order, sorry ;;;;

Hi all! ^__^
I've been a bit quiet lately, and it's mostly because I've been spending every evening working on this!! The kickstarter for a hardback bindup of the first volume of my webcomic, The Firelight Isle!

There's an animated trailer and everything! (It took AGES =_=)

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