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“That idiot Chaffee is fraternizing with the arty. How perverse,” local Luchs murmurs with a deep sigh while drawing his artillerysona.

A certain Luchs has some repressed feelings, it seems....

(hidden and unlisted for )

trying CSP for the first time but I'm not so fond of the brush handling tbh... SAI will stay in my life for a bit longer I guess

sorry but I'm not gonna draw anyone else currently

*seal clubbing in video games means to beat new players

local sealclubber rewards himself for taking out 6 entire noobs

(hidden for and )

new character. His nickname is Trapper and Armand found him on the WoT forums. he's an egoistic douchebag and they're friends with benefits or something now

"'Cause there's this tune I found
That makes me think of you somehow
and I play it on repeat"

Very sad they renamed the toot button on the german version of the site. Tröt was hilarious, Beitrag is boring

follow up of sorts to the previous pic. except not really? or is it?

(hidden for a lot of and very pose/content)

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