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Lying on the floor of the kitchen/living room and contemplating the meaning of life

the new guy has some fun before dinner.

wonky anatomy and bad perspective but after redrawing this two time I got sick of it lol

(hidden and unlisted for explicit sexual art)

infodump about a new OC, who has sneakily appeared a few times before in other drawings/comics.

No idea if this will even display properly, but here's every single recurring tankhead I made so far.

I updated my game, White Monday today. It now has a custom soundtrack and a Mac version! This will probably be the last update for the foreseeable future, though.

Download it here, it's free:

Protip: if you have Photoshop or any similar program that has this setting, I recommend checking out the "Color Lookup" adjustment layer. it does serious magic with lots of different variations to choose from.

I also like to additionally duplicate the layer, blur it, and apply a layer effect with low opacity.

the differences are subtle but add a nice finish.

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