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Part 3, jobs and relationships. The phase 2s lived pretty normal human lives until the takeover that happens in around 2031. The first characters I created all live in or near Philadelphia in the US, and their lives are pretty interwoven.

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Part 2, origins. They aren't human and can't have offspring with humans or each other. Their skin color is basically random - they just picked tones that are similar to the inhabitants of the areas they invaded. It was for blending-in purposes.

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Making a very short thread with some / / / :

Part 1, the returned phase 2s.
The resistance is looking for alternative food sources, but it seems their bodies' trophic needs won't let them eat anything else quite as efficiently. Wolves and sharks have been suggested.

so Taylor was killed but it's okay, because he came back with a mouth and that's even better.

(hidden for )

A little sketch of Jayden gnawing on some bones after he returned.

little known fact apparently: Ros has a job, in the army.

Wanted to do an update on my dev twitter and it looked empty without a pic. so I drew this.

I FINALLY managed to get my new website to a presentable state. It has most of the old functionality and some extra such as the new lore.

Check it out:


(hidden for suicidal-ish imagery)

quick chibi to set the mood for the upcoming lore update...

accidentally came up with an entire concept for this...

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