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wanna get to know a tankhead? I made a little "game" about my lore which you can play in the browser.

It’s been a while oops but I made some big progress on my actual game project.

Got all the GUI graphics (by ds-sans), coding them in currently. New logo (by ds-sans as well) is finished too. Editing the script for the demo is done. And let’s not forget those 👌👌👌👌 BG graphics by allenlimcy!

tumblr shenanigans and a bit of an explanation how Phase 3 tankhead anatomy looks.

future generations of tankheads.

I did some big brainstorming today. you can read about the results on my blog:

at it again with the weirdness.

(hidden for mild body horror and naked male torso)

for those who like that sort of music, I can recommend the song I was listening to on repeat while drawing this:

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even more unusual stuff. felt like drawing a human version of one of my bois.

also made a comic about him and his roommate, found on my website (slightly nsfw cause weed)

something different: I played the game "A Transient Experiment" by Wight today and really liked it! You should give it a try:

I honestly try to remember adding descriptions to my drawings more but then I end up with stuff like this and I wonder if I'm not only confusing those poor people further

highko returns with a vengeance.

hidden cause slightly mature text plus bare male torso

Making good progress on my new game. Here you can see a new sprite and a peek of the second finished background graphic!

first promo art for the new game... I'm making really good progress with plotting/writing. I also messaged a GUI/logo artist today, hoping to hear from them soon.

what do I care about your sweetheart? what do I care about your grave?

trying to get receipts of the people who bullied me for my art on tumblr back in 2018, but all our archives are broken and the posts in question were auto-marked as sensitive (and thus unaccessible). they don't show up in my reviewable posts page and tumblr support page broke when I tried to contact them.


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