everything would turn out fine, if we'd reach the borderline. everything would be just fine, if we'd...🖤

this is just a quick sketch but I changed the design of veznian eyes. so phase 3 eyes now look like this (not like you could see them normally...)

Colt in the bathtub. Fully clothed. Will probably color later. Or not.

@mooncube I've been to the Panzerhalle before! it's not really huge and I think it's currently closed but it is worth a visit if you're in the area already.

@mooncube would that special feature a live tank? 😁

@mooncube austria, but on the other end unfortunately :oof:

just some sketches. been doing some writing instead of drawing. and playing lots of WoT, too.

Sorta unrelated but did you know that I do translation commissions? Check out my carrd for infos!


@JasminGris it's a new trend related to cryptocurrency. people are selling "ownership" of their art via generated tokens, which sounds harmless, but in the process of this a whole SHITLOAD of pollution is created so they're effectively destroying the environment for quick buck.
that's how I understand it.

Do not interact if you support NFT 😑

my friend asked me if this OC is a goth when she saw the previous sketch. so I said "he is now".

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