accidentally came up with an entire concept for this...

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it's a GIF!
did some experimenting with Blender and Facerig today...

I don't have any strong feelings about political posts, but I would welcome the proposed changes about the nsfw art.

*dusts off this account*

it's been a while, huh. hopefully I can get back into the swing of things.


It's the year of the Ratte! Yes he's over 7 meters tall.

you just know he's about to commit atrocities when he gets like that

(hidden for nude male torso)

After dying in a ditch or similar Heiko gets yeeted back into his home dimension and from there returns as a phase 3... but he probably doesn’t take it so well and now he compulsively makes surreal memes about the other dimension that no one but him understands.

But his friends don’t really realize much has changed, since he was talking about weird shit before anyway. So it’s just gotten weirder, and that puzzles no one.

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