Lying on the floor of the kitchen/living room and contemplating the meaning of life

the new guy has some fun before dinner.

wonky anatomy and bad perspective but after redrawing this two time I got sick of it lol

(hidden and unlisted for explicit sexual art)

infodump about a new OC, who has sneakily appeared a few times before in other drawings/comics.

No idea if this will even display properly, but here's every single recurring tankhead I made so far.

I updated my game, White Monday today. It now has a custom soundtrack and a Mac version! This will probably be the last update for the foreseeable future, though.

Download it here, it's free:

Protip: if you have Photoshop or any similar program that has this setting, I recommend checking out the "Color Lookup" adjustment layer. it does serious magic with lots of different variations to choose from.

I also like to additionally duplicate the layer, blur it, and apply a layer effect with low opacity.

the differences are subtle but add a nice finish.

Part 4 (last part for now), the hunger. The phase 2s can go for a very long time without food, compared to the phase 3s. But eventually they get hungry too. They can't eat and at first don't know why they are hungry, so it slowly drives them mad as the years go by.

A tankhead who doesn't eat turns into a black hole eventually.

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