everything would turn out fine, if we'd reach the borderline. everything would be just fine, if we'd...🖤

this is just a quick sketch but I changed the design of veznian eyes. so phase 3 eyes now look like this (not like you could see them normally...)

Colt in the bathtub. Fully clothed. Will probably color later. Or not.

just some sketches. been doing some writing instead of drawing. and playing lots of WoT, too.

my friend asked me if this OC is a goth when she saw the previous sketch. so I said "he is now".

@Curator Hi! I saw your post about the and figured I'd try my luck! ✌️ I'm Simon (aka Arty), a 29 y/o trans artist from Austria who draws mostly these weird tank-headed people since about 2015. When I'm not drawing, I play video games or try to develop my own. I'm your local tank enthusiast, have been to a bunch of tank museums all over Europe in the past and plan to see more as soon as possible! ✨

not my greatest piece but I wanted to do some art for part 4 of the saga

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